Ghosts Of The Abyss

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring James Cameron, Bill Paxton
Written By:
Directed By: James Cameron
Studio: Disney
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An amazing, groundbreaking documentary brought to you by Oscar Award Winner, James Cameron, of Titantic. First seen as an Imax movie, this DVD release is now available in both its theatrical 60 min release and a new 90 minute version featuring unseen footage. Truly exciting footage of this famous ship is now for everyone in their own home to enjoy.

James Cameron spent several years developing this documentary, waiting for technology to catch up with his visions and the right time to venture to a place no one has seen in almost 90 years. Featuring a great crew, including ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) designer and brother Mike Cameron, Jim brings the best people to the site that he can. Personal friend Bill Paxton (Titanic, Weird Science) is invited along for the dives to the ocean floor and the viewer recounts mostly Bill’s point of view. What is amazing about this DVD documentary, is the magnitude of it. Just see how big the crew is, the type of equipment and machinery it uses, and the passion each one has about this project. More than two miles below the surface, the historic ship lies. Each MIR Sub journeys down and unleashes the ROVs, much like the ones that have been used on the Mars landing. From there they guide the ROVs throughout the ship, moving slowly, carefully, and enjoying the sites of what once was the famous Titanic. Stunning visuals and unscripted dialogue make this movie great.

I also enjoyed the CGI and digital paintings of Actors interlaced with footage of that the ROVs were displaying. It helped realize exactly what was what in this gigantic ship. Some suspenseful moments occur during the dives, like the crew almost losing one of the ROVs. Much like a solider out in battle, the crew decides to try and rescue it. Both ROVs, named Jake and Elwood, were brought back safely after a few nervous moments and dives. Another surreal moment was during their last dives. The one crew member announces its 6:35pm September 11, 2001. Unaware of the fact, that earlier that day was one of the worst tragedies in history happened. Each dive would be 10-12 hours long at the bottom of the sea, without knowing news from the outside world. When they reach the ship later that night, they would be in for some horrible news. I think they captured the mood of the crew great, showing what they went through, what they thought, etc. They decided to keep working and that it would be best to keep at it, while trying not to think about it. They mention they were out of the loop quite a bit, due to no TVs of images people have seen hundreds of times now. They end up finishing their project successfully.

The extras on the disc include two making of featurretes, one on the making of the documentary and one featuring one of the dives with multiple angles, multiple ship cameras, and camera views of the ROVs and MIR subs. In the making of the movie, featurrettes on Bill Paxton’s troubles at sea. I guess someone gets a little sea sick, and nervous of enclosures. Also, there was more footage on the crew, and the 9-11 MIR dive.

I thought this documentary was really cool because it shows footage of things on the Titanic that no one has ever seen. Expensive equipment and dedication makes this exciting as well. James Cameron takes the job to his heart and is dilligent in what he does, and Ghosts of the Abyss is no different.

– Reflections From The Deep
– Includes unseen footage from the filmmaker’s risky dives to the ocean floor and revealing interviews with director James Cameron, star Bill Paxton and the entire crew
– The MIR Experience
– An innovative multi-angle feature. Choose from different cameras as you dive to the ocean’s floor and ultimately see the Grand Staircase from any view you want.
– THX Certified

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
FRENCH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic)


Favorite Scenes: “Rescue of the ROVs,” “First Dive,” “Zodiac Cowboys.”
Rating: Rated PG
Running Time: 61 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: