Grounded For Life: Season One

DVD Reviews | Feb 18th, 2006

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Starring Donal Logue, Megyn Price, Lynsey Bartilson, Jake Burbage, Kevin Corrigan, Griffin Frazen, Bret Harrison, Richard Riehle
Written By: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff
Directed By:
Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
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I’ve seen a few episodes of Grounded For Life, but haven’t seen an entire season. So what better way than to watch a million episodes together on DVD. This series is available on DVD for the first time and should make the fans happy. The show didn’t last too long on TV (I believe it was on 2 networks?) but I still think the show was funny. I wasn’t really fan back then but I am now.

Grounded For Life stars Donal “Hey I look like Conan O Brien with a beard” Logue & Megyn “I’ve Got Great Cleavage” Price as rock n roll parents (Sean and Claudia) trying to bring up three kids. The biggest hassle they have to deal with is their teenage daughter, Lily (Lynsey Bartilson), who’s a real headache and I’d probably shoot her just for the way she screams. Their sons are a handful as well. One’s a sissy bookworm, the other is just weird and likes to eat donuts out of the dumpster. Besides dealing with their kids, they have to worry about Sean’s brother Eddie and his father Walt always being around their house. Don’t these people have somewhere else to go? Or actually live at. Eddie usually instigates problems with the family, and Walt watches over the kids or listens to what’s the current problem is with his Son & family. Though Sean doesn’t want to hear his opinion on stuff and wants to handle it himself. Usually how episodes start off is, you realize something is going on with the family, and then they end up talking about what happened the whole episode. So basically it’s a show set in flashbacks done in a re-telling way. Some of the stuff that happens in Season 1: Sean and Claudia catch Lily with a fake ID, Sean cuts Henry’s hair bad, Sean catches a fly ball at a Yankee game and ruins the game & creates a mob after him, Jimmy gets picked on at school and then does the bullying, and Lily does a sexy number at the school talent show.

If I had to compare Grounded For Life to other shows, three come to mine: Titus, Family Guy and Roseanne (for some reason). The show is very funny and I think it’s because of the parents Sean and Claudia. The daughter Lily is really annoying and a good indication of what teenager daughters are going to be like…so that’s a good reminder to wear a condom folks haha. It seems every episode she’s in a bitchy mood and then screams if she doesn’t get what she wants. Ugh, i’m not having children. Uncle Eddie is funny, and is really weird at the same time. He’s probably one of the best characters on the TV show though. He looks nothing like Donal Logue so it’s kind of hard to believe they are brothers. The grandfather has his moments as well. The show isn’t anything new or original, but it is funny to me. I like how the parents dragged their kids to a Ramones concert and the kids aren’t the ones who want to go to the concerts. The rolls flip flop a lot on the show and I like that. I like how the show starts from the present, and then back tracks to the past where things are explained. Sort of an unique way of telling a story. This TV show is definitely underrated and was overlooked by people. But maybe people will give credit to the series now that it’s on DVD.

On the fourth disc is extras and the final two episodes of the season. There’s audio commentary throughout the season on sporadic episodes with cast & crew. I really didn’t get a chance to listen to all the commentaries but listened when Megyn Price & Lynsey Bartilson did an episode. Nothing special, they just talked about the show and what went on & off the set. There’s four separate interviews, one with Donal Logue (sporting a short haircut for a change), Megyn Price, Lynsey Bartilson and Mike Schiff & Bill Martin (the creators). Pretty much they talk about the show, their characters, how it relates to them, and clips of the show were intertwined with the interviews. The bloopers were short and had some of the standard stuff of people messing up lines and falling over.

Grounded For Life was a funny show with some great actors on the show. The jokes were funny but sometimes generic. If I can watch 10 episodes back to back in one day, you can tell it was a decent show. Unless I was really bored from being inside from a snow storm all day. But still, the series’ first season was pretty damn good and I’m looking forward to season 2 being on DVD now.

Meet The Finnertys – Interview With Donal Logue
Claudia: Not The Sitcom Mom – Interview With Megyn Price
Life With Lily – Interview With Lynsey Bartilson
Brand New Interview With Creators Mike Schiff And Bill Martin
Audio Commentaries With Cast And Crew
Season One Highlights

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Lily B Goode; In My Room; Action Mountain High; Devil’s Haircut; Mrs Finnerty, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter
Rating: NR
Running Time: 460 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: