Home Improvement: Season 3

DVD Reviews | Nov 27th, 2005

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Starring Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Earl Hindman, Richard Karn, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith, Zachery Ty Bryan, Debbe Dunning
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Studio: Disney/Buena Vista
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The third season of Home Improvement, now available on DVD, is when the show rose to become the #1 sitcom on television, and when Tool Time and Tim Allen were getting into their groove as the show got funnier and more outrageous. With hot rod races, holiday decoration contests, and crazy Tool time groupies, Home Improvement is still a pleasure to watch.

Tim Allen, AKA, Tim “Tool Man” Taylor, is host of Michigan’s local Tool Time show dedicated to men and their tools. With co-host, Al Borland (Richard Karn), each week Tool Time is supposed to be a show in which the hosts give lessons about how to work with equipment, construction, or other home improvement tools, but usually ends up with Tim Taylor burning, destroying, or igniting something and ends the show. On top of the tool show, Tim has a big family including his wife Jill, and his three sons Brad, Randy and Mark. The show tends to concentrate on different story arcs each week, where one week may concentrate on the tool time show, others like the relationship of Tim and Jill, and the next may focus on the boys. While it’s a very funny show, it’s great for the whole family because it tries to teach you life’s lessons as well as entertain you. I always enjoyed the Tool Time segments because it means that Tim is always going to screw up and destroy something. I also enjoyed the holiday themed episodes like “Crazy for You,” in which Tim has a secret Tool Time admirer and takes place during Halloween so the admirer is in costume. Also, the episode entitled “Twas the blight before Christmas,” which takes place during Xmas. I love how Tim goes balls to the walls crazy with decorating with lights and statues. It’s a real inspiration for all men who love to excessively decorate their homes each holiday season. Each season of Home Improvement, also gets a few good guest stars like Tim’s nemesis Bob Vila, and other celebrities like Isiah Thomas, John Elway, and President Jimmy Carter.

While not much in the extras department, one feature is “Tim’s Tool Corral which is hosted by new Tool Time girl, the gorgeous Debbe Dunning. In it, you can click through an animated tool time studio and different pieces in place like light fixtures, electrical sockets, or wood. Upon selection, each offers a small clip of Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor hurting himself in some way like getting electrocuted, or getting his head stuck to wood, or falling into a lake through a ice fishing hole. Pretty much a collection of Tim’s foul ups, which is really funny to watch.

Looking back at what is available from the show on DVD, season three is the strongest of the first 3 seasons out, and the episodes are stronger in story and funnier, and Tim Taylor gets beat up more this season, which also proves to bring the best laughs. With a strong cast, including Richard Kind and Patricia Richardson, the whole cast has great chemistry which shows the episodes are tighter and get better with each season.

Tim’s Tool Corral – Click a tool in Tim’s garage and watch the laughs uncoil (hosted by Tool Time girl Debbe Dunning)

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Favorite Scenes: Reel Men, Twas the Blight before Christmas, the Great Race II, Crazy for You, a Frozen Moment
Rating: NR
Running Time: 611 minutes
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