Home Improvement: Season 4

DVD Reviews | Jun 21st, 2006

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Starring Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn, Earl Hindman, Debbe Dunning, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith, Zachary Ty Bryan
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Studio: Disney/ABC/Buena Vista
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Tool Time fans rejoice, Home Improvement, The Complete Fourth Season is now available and features some of the series best episodes. Starring Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson as Michigan based couple with an accident prone husband who hosts a Home Improvement show and one understanding wife. While most of the laughs take place on Tool Time, several laugh-out loud moments take place around the home as well. Season Four definitely brought the show to new heights, and now fans can own it for the first time.

It’s just another season at the Taylor’s, where the typical incidents occur; falling off the roof, extreme holiday decorating, dropping three-ton beam’s onto cars, ya know just like any family. In season 4, Tim Taylor is up to his usual hijinks as TV host of “Tool Time,” and his typical retooling of his home for “More Power.” Plus the creators of the show look to expand the character’s stories, like Jill making the decision to go back to college, Tim selling his hot rod and moving on, and Al Borland becoming one of Detroit’s most eligible Bachelors. Not to mention some new faces show up more and more like Tim’s brother Mark and his hot wife Nancy, and Benny, Tim & Al’s crazy friend. I think it was a good idea to expand storylines and characters because how much could the show continue as just the family, and a few friends. By adding some wrinkles and new characters in their lives, it adds more depth to the show. Along with this season, comes one of TV’s infamous clip shows, celebrating the show’s 100th episode. The premise of the episode had Tim getting a little stomach illness from having too much Polish food and he sneaks downstairs to watch some old tool time clips. Ah how conveniently packaged for him? These clips featured a great look back at this season and the 3 previous years. Featuring the “Man’s bathroom,” Al in a “Noise proof” booth, Tim blowing up houses, dropping a beam on Jill’s car, and getting his head stuck to a piece of wood. Even though most television shows do the clip shows, I enjoy them sometimes more than the show. It makes you want to watch the old episodes again. Some of my favorite episodes this year were the annual Christmas episode, in which Tim usually goes crazy over decorating in competition with an ass doctor. Also, I really enjoyed The Naked Truth because you get to see Tim’s sister in law almost buck naked, which is always great for the male demographic.

Not much as far as extras go, the only thing featured is a new never before seen bloopers reel, which is always great to check out, and most of the episodes end out with bloopers as well. Too bad you don’t get any looks back at the season with the cast or crew, but maybe in the future.

To me, some of the best work Tim Allen has done with the show is Season’s 3 and 4 and gets a little better each season, especially the chemistry with Patricia Richardson who plays his wife Jill. The boys on the show are growing up and that helps add new things for the storylines, and gives Tim more jokes. Al and Wilson are back and just as funny as usual. The show was created as an all age’s family show but has some comedy that isn’t necessarily for younger viewers sometimes that I like, of course.

Hysterical Blooper Reel – Including New, Never-Before-Seen Bloopers

-ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

-Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Dont Tell Momma, Some Like It Hot Rod, Twas the Night before Chaos, Tool Time after Dark, The Naked Truth
Rating: NR
Running Time: 598 minutes
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