Home Improvement: Season 5

DVD Reviews | Nov 23rd, 2006

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Starring Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn, Earl Hindman, Debbe Dunning, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith, Zachary Ty Bryan
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Studio: Disney/Buena Vista
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Another Home Improvement season is out on DVD and the show keeps on delivering laughs, just like the rest of the previous seasons. Season 5 has a lot of memorable episodes, and brought the show into new territories that we haven’t seen yet on Home Improvement. The show added some realistic dramatic situations to the show, but at the same time added humor to it.

Home Improvement’s 5th season got over that 100 episode hurdle, and the show added some newer elements to the series. They took the show into some realistic areas like Randy potentially having thyroid cancer and Jill makes Tim get the big V. Fellas, you know what I mean. The first episode of season 5 starts out with an episode where the Taylors go away for a wedding. But Tim and the boys make that an excuse to go out and do guy stuff like riding ATVs, water skiing, going to the beach, fishing and anything else that would piss off Jill. The episode was corny because it just seemed like an excuse to get the cast members out to some place where they weren’t in the studio. A Big story arc in the season is that Bidford Tools and Tool Time are under new ownership and management. The lead guy Bud, doesn’t like Al and tries to get Tim to fire him but that obviously doesn’t happen. The show ends up getting broadcast into more cities than just Detroit. Some other episodes are about: Tim suspects Jill is cheating or found her soul mate with some guy in her book club, Brad throws a Halloween party while his parents are away, Al and Tim get stuck in an airport during Christmas Eve and the kids get stuck putting the lights up, Tim’s mother starts to date his old Shop teacher, and Tim makes the mistake of hiring his brother Marty for Tool Time to make the new set.

I’ve watched Home Improvement since day 1 and still love watching the show. Tim Allen is a great TV dad and quite hilarious on Tool Time. While I never like watching the family stuff that much, it’s still has a lot of funny moments. But I prefer if the show was just Tool Time because that’s where all the good stuff happens. But when Tim learns things from Wilson, he says them all wrong on Tool Time which makes it funny. I always liked watching the Christmas-themed episode on Home Improvement because Tim always had that lighting competition. It’s something my family sort of used to do with other families (well the other families didn’t know it). So I like when Tim gets all crazy towards Christmas because it reminds me of what my Dad used to do around the holiday season. I liked how the show changed things up and the Tool Time show was under new management. It showed how much dedication Tim has to the show and to Al as well. It’s kind of weird to see kids grow up on TV screen, but at the same time it’s fun because you see how much they change. You see Randy move downstairs into the basement, but ends up being scared of all the noises it makes. Brad starts making out with girls and throwing parties that gets him into trouble. I didn’t really pay attention to Mark this season. But the overall season was just as good as the other previous seasons. Everyone is great as their character and the series continues to be funny until the end of the series.

Home Improvement Season 5 Dvd is just like the other DVD sets. It’s got great episodes, but very little extras. If you like bloopers, you’ll like the batch of bloopers and outtakes Home Improvement has to offer. But other than the bloopers, that’s it. But fans of the series should get these DVDs based on the episodes alone, and not really care about the bonus features. There were a lot of great Season 5 episodes, now bring on Season 6!

All-New Season 5 Bloopers

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Favorite Scenes: First Temptation of Tim, Her Cheatin Mind, Let Them Eat Cake, Twas The Flight Before Christmas, The Vasectomy One, Bud Bowl, Alarmed by Burglars
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Running Time: 598 minutes
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