How I Met Your Mother: Season Two

DVD Reviews | Oct 31st, 2007

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Starring Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris
Written By: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas
Directed By:
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Television
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It’s really interesting to see how a show can grow from a first season to a second. How I Met Your Mother, probably the only laugh-track sitcom worth watching these days, grew astronomically as it progressed from infancy to this twenty-two episode sophomore season. As I wrote last year about the first season (click here), moments of brilliants were overcrowded with utter predictability and Friends-like romantic resolutions.

Fortunately, in season two, HIMYM sheds some of its formulaic tendencies and really comes into its own. Part of the success is that the viewer is hopefully already familiar with the characters. As much as I had issues with the first season, I fell in love with most of the characters, yet somehow was constantly irked by Ted. In the second season, Ted finally gets together with Robin, and Relationship Ted is far less annoying than Lovelorn Single Ted. This allows for the plotlines to come more naturally; with 4/5 of the cast in on-screen relationships, there is more focus on couplehood, with only scene-stealer Barney acting as the hero for singledom. In fact, through watching the season, I noticed a distinct similarity to popular UK comedy Coupling, with Barney as a surrogate for that show’s character Jeff. However, unlike the sleazy and desperate Jeff, Barney seems to revel in his short conquests and prophetic romantic advice.

The second season, with its comfortable characters, begins to take some risks with storytelling, but more than anything, it’s just plain better written. There are two distinct episodes that I nearly pissed myself laughing at; the first, Slap Bet, involves the gang debating whether or not Robin acted in porn when she was in Canada, and ending in her revelation that she was a teen pop star in the nation (her song, Let’s Go To The Mall, involves hockey hair, Brian Mulroney, glittery jean jackets, and the Nintendo robot…classic). My other favourite, Stuff, involves the group going to see Lily in a truly awful play. When Barney refuses to be nice and tells her that it sucks, Lily asserts that she would compliment anything he did because she is his friend. Barney then puts on his own play (aptly titled Suck It Lily), which involves the repetition of Lily’s least favourite word, a recorder opus, a watergun shot into the audience (at Lily), and a musical detour with a robot. Its sheer oddness and perfect delivery make it one of my season highlights.

Those that might have been wary of the very odd-titled and generic-looking network sitcom should be aware that this is a show with top-notch writers that try to be conscious of conventions, yet know their own limits. What wins me over, and I’m sure is the same for most other fans, is the pitch-perfect cast, who play their roles with enough heart to keep people watching. Here’s hoping we get a couple more good seasons before its reign as the last great laugh-track sitcom ends and all we have left is *shudder* According to Jim.

Six audio commentaries with cast members, writers and producers
How We Make Your Mother Featurette
Additional Scenes
Gag Reel
Hey Beautiful Music Video (theme song)
Robin Sparkles Music Video


Widescreen 1.78:1

English, French, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: Ted Mosby Architect, Slap Bet, Single Stamina, Stuff, Swarley, Showdown
Rating: PG
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