Independence Day

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Today we celebrate our Independence Day! haha. That line wasn’t even going to be in the movie. This movie is filled with special effects and cool fighting scenes and seeing Americans getting blown out of the sky! Can’t beat that! ID4 is the typical Hollywood movie for the summer and I was one of them to see it. Hey, I still like this movie even though it’s quite corny at times, but I like corny what!? I can still make fun of them though. OK, when seeing Randy Quaid flying in the airplane at the end, WHY THE HELL DID HE SALUTE THE PRESIDENT IN THE PLANE??? LIKE SOMEONE CAN SEE HIM..Didn’t everyone laugh when you saw the retarded people on top of the buildings in L.A when they got blown up! “I hope they bring back Elvis”..KILL HER! The DVD has tons of cool crap on it, it’s seems Fox is always putting out the best DVDs. This DVD is a double disc with two different versions of the movie.

I just saw the special edition one with 9 minutes added and nothing too spectacular there. Just some footage that I can see why they left out. Some stuff they should have left in. The usual for any added footage. But most of the footage was just extended. The interactive menu is neat, something similar to The Abyss menu. With all the joking aside, it is a decent movie with a fair amount of flaws and mistakes in it. If you like this movie, be sure to buy because it’s definitely worth seeing in the DVD format.

Disc 1:
– Include Both Original Theatrical Release and Special Edition Version with over 9 minutes of added or restored footage
– Widescreen presentation for both versions of the movie
– Scene Specific commentary with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin
– Commentary by Oscar winning Special Effects Supervisors Volker Engel and Doug Smith

Disc 2:
– “Creating Reality ” 30 minute documentary on the making of ID4
– “ID4 Invasion” 22 minuted alien invasion mock-umentary
– “HBO First Look: Independence Day” hosted by Jeff Goldblum
– Original Bi-plane ending sequence (funny stuff!)
– Storyboards, original artwork, production stills
– DVD Games “Get off my planet”
– and other junk




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