Jackass Number Two: Unrated

DVD Reviews | Dec 25th, 2006

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Starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Ryan Dunn, Ehren McGhehey, Jason Acuna, Dave England
Written By:
Directed By: Jeff Tremaine
Studio: Paramount
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The idiotic, injured-prone jackasses are back with more outrageous pranks, dangerous stunts, grossed out humor and unfortunately, lots more male nudity. Regardless of way too much man ass, the movie still delivers a lot of laughs and makes you cringe at the same time.

Jackass Number Two is the sequel to the popular MTV series Jackass. The movie versions are just the longer uncensored version of the series and what you get is a compilation of stuff that they wouldn’t be allowed to do on MTV. Jackass Number Two starts out like the first movie. You hear the big epic movie theme, which this time is The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’s “Ecstasy of Gold.” You get introduced to the various crazy morons of Jackass, as they slowly get run over by stampeding bulls. Then the next hour or so, features many stunts that will make you cringe, laugh, puke, hide your eyes, and even be completely grossed out that it will make you almost turn off the DVD. Some of the stunts & pranks you see in the movie include Party Boy getting his wee wee attacked by a snake, a bunch of skateboarders & BMXers trying to survive a gauntlet at a skate park, Johnny Knoxville dresses up like an old man and walks around with his saggy balls hanging out. Plus many stunts involve a skate loop & ramp, Spike Jonez walking around as a naked old lady, Steve-O doing unbelievable gross stuff like sticking leeches to his eyeball and drinking his own feces. I could go on and on with what they do in this movie but it’s better to just see it for yourself.

While I thought the movie had a lot of funny stunts, I was kind of disappointed in it. It wasn’t as funny as the first movie and there seemed to be too many gross things this time around. I enjoyed stunts involving Bam’s parents, or when they aren’t puking or shitting all over the place. The gross things I can certainly do without. So I didn’t bother to watch anything with Steve-O since that’s what he’s known for. Of course Johnny Knoxville’s stuff is great because it’s just him torturing himself with many things like getting pelted by rubber bullets, getting gorged by a bull or flying off into a lake on a rocket. Another thing we could have done without was the excessive amount of male nudity. I just don’t want to see huge amounts of man ass, testicles and dicks flopping about in a movie. I’m sure they could have done their stunts a little bit differently if they kept their damn clothes on. Or at least include some naked chicks in the mix so it just wasn’t a bunch of naked dudes. What’s next for Jackass III? A Circle jerk, or how about a man pile? They already covered the bestiality act where Pontius drinks horse semen, which I fast forward, might I add. Someone needs to draw line somewhere with all this crap.

But besides my complaint of too much grossed out stuff and male nudity, the movie had a lot of great stunts and pranks. I thought the best scene in the movie was when Ehren got pranked to dress up like a Terrorist. He got a taxi to go to the airport, told the taxi driver he was going to blow up the planes. The taxi driver was Jay Chandrasekhar, actor/director from Super Troopers, Club Dread and Ehren didn’t know this. Ehren got so scared because Jay pulled a gun on him and went ape shit and locked Ehren in the trunk of his car. And on top of that all, the facial hair they glued on Ehren’s face was everybody’s pubes. Another favorite prank was the “valentine” letter on the door, and everyone got suckered into reading it. I know I would have. Knoxville held the movie together because he did stuff no one else wanted to do, but kept laughing during the scenes, and made it a fun experience (for us, not him) even though his life was at risk. The quality of his stunts were very Looney Tunes-ish and think he had the right idea on what this film needed. The other guys just took things too far it seems. Thankfully I didn’t see this in the movie theater because I might have puked. I fast forwarded quite a few scenes that involved throwing up, shitting, puking, anything with Steve-O in it. That fish hook stunt had to be the dumbest thing ever, but then again Steve-O had Henry Rollings drive a hummer and get tattooed in the last movie. That was pretty freakin’ dumb too! Everyone was shocked by Steve Irwin’s death, but I don’t think people will be shocked if they read in the news that Steve-O took a stunt too far & died.

This DVD is the unrated version, and i’m not sure what was added or not; considering this was the first time I was seeing this movie. The extras included on the DVD are: audio commentary by the Jackass guys, additional stunts & pranks, deleted scenes, outtakes, tv spots and a Making Of featurette. The additional segments & deleted scenes don’t really offer anything that special but they are fun to watch after watching the movie. The Making Of was pretty good, and you find out some stuff that went on behind the scenes. Apparently a lot of their stunts and pranks were thwarted because the Jackass crew, especially Knoxville, got recognized by the public too much. Plus lawyers, producers, etc. had daily fears that someone was going to die during filming. Knoxville, Steve-O and others almost got SERIOUSLY injured or killed a few times during the filming. Takes giant, King Kong size balls to go through what they put themselves through. And they do it all to just make us laugh, cringe, or even barf our brains out. Bless the dudes of Jackass! Overall, the movie had a lot of funny segments, but I think some things went too far or were too gross. If you enjoyed the first film and the TV series, you’ll enjoy this DVD a lot!

Commentary by the Jackass
The making of Jackass Number Two
Additional Segments not shown in theaters!
Deleted Scenes
TV Spots
And More!

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 CC
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)

English, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: The Valentine, Bad Grandpa, Beehive Limo, Lake Jump, Yak Charge, Medicine Ball dodgeball, The Gauntlet, Toro Totter, Rocket Cart, Swamp Chute, Switcheroo, Big Red Rocket, Terror Taxi
Rating: NR
Running Time: 93 minutes
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