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DVD Reviews | Dec 9th, 2005

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Starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Wee Man, Dave England, Ehren McGhehey, Brandon Dicamillo
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Studio: Paramount
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Everyone was scratching their heads when Paramount/MTV released the Jackass DVDs. Where’s Volume 1?? Now, Jackass fans’ wishes have been answered and this is the definitive collection of Jackass. This DVD contains the missing Volume 1, and rehashed versions of the other volumes as well a whole disc of bonus features! I couldn’t stop laughing after I put these discs in.

For anyone who has had a sheltered life and doesn’t know what Jackass is, well consider yourself lucky. No really, Jackass was a show on MTV that had a bunch of punk misfits causing trouble and video taping it. Not really smart when that footage could be used in court. They also happened to cause the network a lot of trouble because copy cats tried to do the same crazy crap they did and then parents sue the network. Each person on the show brought something different. Johnny Knoxville was the host of the show (and now the most famous, besides Bam) and he went out of his way to hurt himself and annoy others around him. Then there was the Bam Margera & CKY crew from PA who were just freakin’ lunatics. But they also happen to be the funniest on the show. Then there’s people on the show like Chris Pontius and Steve-O, who wore speedos and did very homo-erotic things. Steve-O usually tries to torture himself like stapling his butt cheeks together or sniffing worms up his nose. Yeah, let’s just say I can’t watch video of Pontius (Party Boy) or Steve-O. But each episode had several clips of crazy stunts and gags that everyone partakes in and it’s a jolly good time! Well not for them, but funny for us…

I’ve been a fan of Jackass since the very first episode and i’m glad Paramount & MTV decided to release these videos because the first season is the best season. At least I think so. It was still fresh and original stuff and nothing like that has been on TV before. I remember a lot of these skits & stunts. Who doesn’t remember Wee Man dressing up as an Oompa Loompa and skateboarding through the city. Wait, is that skit even on here? I can’ remember. But there’s over 50 videos on the first disc, a lot of them you will remember once you see them. I have totally forgot about this show after awhile so it’s been a long time that I actually saw anything from this. The closest thing we have to the series is Bam’s show and the Wild Boyz show, which I won’t watch. I love Bam Margera’s show because it’s so funny to see them pick on Don Vito. A lot of the guys on that show look so young back on Jackass. Back when the show was on the air, I could only take so much and then I would get Jackassed-out. The same goes with the DVD, because there’s just so many videos of them doing stupid shit that it just gets to be too much in one sitting. I had to go back and watch the DVD in spurts. I’m glad this is out because this is the definite DVD for Jackass right now. Not sure why they won’t release full seasons though. Perhaps for legal reasons, or perhaps the Jackass people don’t like ALL the videos that they have done. Who knows, but this is the best that’s out there right now.

I have a lot of favorite stunts from Jackass, but I think my favorite ones were done by Johnny Knoxville & Bam. I loved seeing Knoxville get hurt, laugh it off, try again at the stunt and then get hurt enough that he walks away. The cup test is probably one of my favorite stunts. Seeing little kids kick Johnny in the balls must be one of the funniest things ever to broadcast on television. I like the stunts when they are wrecking havoc in the streets or doing BMX/skating stuff. When they get into the gross humor, I just can bare myself to watch that shit. And when people throw up on screen, it makes me want to hurl as well. Some of the stuff that I like from Jackass were: heavy metal wakeup (thanks for keeping the scene alive!), blind driver, land skiing, 50 egg challenge (even though it’s fucking disgusting to watch!), white trash knights (I always wanted to do this), big wheel craze, Daddy and Baby (so wrong but oh so funny), body in trunk, shopping carts (yeah i’ve tried this), urban kayak, and slingshot pond. And that’s just the first disc alone! There’s still two disc filled of mayhem and destruction. But listing some of those stunts that I like, you can figure out my type of humor and stuff I liked from Jackass.

The bonus disc has some cool things on it. The Gumball Rally episode with commentary with most of the Jackass crew. If you can managing to understand what they are all jabbering about, then listen to it. I’m not too sure what crack the censors were smoking with this DVD set. Some things are censored, some things aren’t. One minute you’d hear them dropping F Bombs left & right and then some things get blipped out. That’s like that for the commentary, and the featurettes as well. There’s a really good featurette on disc 4 called “Where Are They Now” and it has a lot of new interviews with the crew. They discuss the show, the injuries, the funny moments, the gross moments, Brad Pitt, and all that good stuff. Speaking of Brad Pitt, the two infamous skits he was in are included on the fourth disc. Man that was great to have him on the show. I thought Brad Pitt was an OK guy after that. There’s other extras on the disc as well but I never got around to watching them just yet.

The Jackass Boxset is probably the most definite boxset for the series so far, so might as well get this DVD. It’s really worth it and had me entertained for days.

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Favorite Scenes: heavy metal wakeup, blind driver, land skiing, 50 egg challenge, white trash knights, big wheel craze, Daddy and Baby, body in trunk, shopping carts, urban kayak, and slingshot pond, the cup test, hockey fight, punt return, ice blocking
Rating: NR
Running Time: 370 minutes
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