Jurassic Park/ The Lost World

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Another DVD set that I should have reviewed back in October. I liked the making of Jurassic Park a lot because it’s neat to see how things get done. The movie itself is the nice big widescreen, like the one I like. The sound was good it scared the crap out of my dog. Every time a Dinosaur noise was heard, she would freak out. That was funny. There was some other good stuff on here but nothing to spectacular. On The Lost World there is some Deleted Scenes but those sucked. The only good that I like, which was quite funny to was when that Hunter was down in a the tropics some where and got in a fight with some big guy and kicked the shit out of him. That should have been added into the film because it shown how the guy was. Overall, this DVDs could have been a little better with extras but the films themselves rocked.

– Widescreen Presentation
– Behind The Scenes Featurette (Both Films)
– Trailers (All 3 Movies)
– Some Other stuff




Favorite Scenes: for Jurassic Park, I like when the group first arrived at The Island, and for the Lost World, I like when all the Raptors attack in the high brush.
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