Kids In The Hall: The Complete 5th Season

DVD Reviews | Oct 21st, 2006

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Starring Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson
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Studio: A&E Home Video
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Kids in the Hall are back on DVD with their fifth and final season! I loved this show when it aired and when it was on syndication, but after seeing the fifth season again; I don’t think it’s as funny as the previous seasons.

If you are a sheltered person and never heard of the Kids in the Hall before, I’ll tell you a little bit about them. They are a Canadian comedy troupe that has 5 comedic actors in it: Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson. Some of you might of heard of and seen them elsewhere. Dave Foley is the most popular out of the bunch because he’s been in more things like NewsRadio and A Bug’s Life. Each episode features comedy sketches and other eccentric skits that no one else really did before these guys showed up to the scene. They are sort of the Canadian version of Monty Python but takes things a step further. Some of the characters you might see on the show this season include Buddy the gay bar owner; the Chicken Lady, idiot policeman, French speaking hookers, Gavin the annoying kid that asks a lot of questions, and many more!

I actually don’t remember too many skits from this season. I remember seeing this season on and off when it was on CBS but I don’t really remember any particular sketches..except one. That was the “Grizzly” episode where Mark McKinney and Kevin McDonald go cruising for chicks and they end up mistakenly going to a gay bar. Then the sketch turns into a nature information show where they compare the big hairy gay guy attacking Kevin McDonald to a bear. Kevin McDonald is so small and skinny, and helpless that he can’t do anything about it except sit back and go along for the ride. It’s quite hilarious to watch and you can see that sketch in the second episode. Another sketch that stands out from the others this season is with Bruce McCulloch. He’s a store clerk and is just does everything you shouldn’t on a job. I believe it’s called Playback on episode 15. The show has a lot of funny sketches but I found myself not laughing as much this season. To me, since they weren’t on HBO anymore, a lot of their edge went away and the jokes weren’t as funny. A lot of the characters you liked on the show don’t show up that much this season. A lot of the sketches are for the most part, unforgettable. But that isn’t to say this DVD isn’t buyable because it is. What might not be as funny now is still funnier than many shows out there today.

Sadly though, this is the final season and there is some closure on some characters like that bad garage band who think they are going to make it. Buddy closes down his bar after losing it in a strip poker game. The office women all get fired and have to surrenders their badges, pens, and wigs. There’s a funny skit where Kevin and Dave show you some censored sketches that never made it to the show like Hitler fucking a donkey and Dave giving Kevin soup with sperm in it. The final scene of the finale is fitting because you see all 5 actors in a giant grave getting buried alive.

There isn’t much in terms of bonus material. There are 2 new commentaries with the troupe but I didn’t really listen to them. I did watch the Season 5 favorites which had sketches for “God is Dead” “Chicken Lady in Hobby Horse,” “Penny” “Playback,” “Please Please Please” and “How To.” Plus there are cast biographies and trailers but I don’t really consider those DVD extras since those type of things suck. It would have been nice to see some more effort put into the DVD for the final season and wish there was some type of featurette or behind the scenes footage.

If you liked the show when it aired or when it was on syndication on Comedy Central, then get the DVD of the last season of Kids in the Hall. I’m not even sure it’s on TV anymore so get this set or the mega DVD set while you can. I personally wished the final season was a little better but there are still plenty of laughs.

– 5 Favorites
– 2 Commentaries
– Trailers
– Cast Bios




Favorite Scenes: Grizzly, Playback, Interrogation
Rating: NR
Running Time: 525 minutes
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