Las Vegas: Uncut & Uncensored: Season One

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring James Caan, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil, Nikki Cox, Molly Sims, Marsha Thomason, James Lesure
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Studio: Universal/NBC
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Las Vegas, the hit NBC show starring James Caan, and Josh Duhamel, about an elite surveillance team who work for the Montecito Hotel and Casino. Fast paced and tons of fun, Las Vegas is one of the most entertaining shows on television.

James Caan is Big Ed Deline, former CIA officer, who leads his elite security and surveillance team, alongside his protege, Danny (Josh Duhamel.) They deal with many problems on a given day, like card counting cheaters, theft, competing casinos and their schemes of luring their whales, or high rollers, away from the Montecito Casino. As for the rest of the cast, which is nothing short of spectacular and gorgeous women. First, Nikki Cox is Mary Connell, “” who has to keep track of big spending clients and bringing in entertaining guests for the casino. Vanessa Marcil is Sam Marquez, casino host, and is the most enigmatic character on the show. She must take care of all the high rollers in the casino and kiss their butts uncontrollably. Her character can either be very loyal and trusting, or can be the complete opposite at times. She can also be very self centered and out to try and make the big bucks for herself. Oh, and she tends to sleep with everyone as well. I guess that is a positive and negative quality. All depends on how you look at it. You also, have two other beauties in Molly Sims and Marsha Thomason. Molly Sims plays James Caan daughter, Delinda Deline, who is some what of a free spirit. She likes to party and travel all around the world until she decides she wants to work. Big Ed gets her a job at the restaurant downstairs and from there Delinda works her butt off to bring Mystique, the hottest club-restaurant on the strip. Finally, rounding out the cast is James Lesure as Mike Cannon who plays head valet and who also has engineering degrees. Apparently, their is more money in being a head valet than engineering. Mike eventually heads upstairs where he belongs to join the surveillance team. Mike and Danny make a great team and play off each other very well.

Las Vegas, is filled with beautiful women, fast paced action and drama and excellent entertainment. I’d say it’s one of the most hottest and sexiest shows on television. You don’t get a better looking cast than this, and they definitely live up to the expectations. I think it’s every scene, when the girls from the Montecito show up on screen, that a collective sigh or groan is said. They are absolutely stunning, and I would spend hours and tons of money in that casino if I saw those lovely ladies working there. Despite all the fast paced fun, there are a lot of funny moments on the show. Most of which involve Danny and, or Mike. These guys get a lot of the ladies in Vegas and some of the most humorous scenes throughout the season. Big Ed (Caan) is the man. He’s so damn intimidating that people in Vegas know not to mess with him, or else. Being a former CIA officer/operative/chief or whatever he did there, has people scared to death of the guy. Ed knows the city inside and out and is the best in surveillance. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Big Ed than James Caan.

The extras are not that extensive which is unfortunate. They do show a cool look into the making of the show. After watching for some time, It surprised me to see that most of the show was not filmed in Vegas. Rather a very large building in LA, and the casino replicated to match Mandalay Bay. I have to say they did an excellent job. They had me fooled. From everything to Montecito chips, to the carpets, little business cards, to anything you can think of, Montecito is prominent throughout the set. The stars get a real kick out of the set as well since they could always get a poker or blackjack game going. Also featured on the extras were “Rumble in the Montecito” with Jon Bon Jovi and John Elway and the cast of Las Vegas. It was pretty much a quick plug for the arena football league done inside the Montecito. The feature Las Vegas: The Big Gamble was interesting to check out because it discusses how Las Vegas started and is a good history lesson. Finally you can listen to audio commentaries on select episodes on each disc with the creator Gary Scott Thompson and the cast of Las Vegas. Very fun listening to the commentaries after you have seen the episodes to get some extra tidbits and knowledge on the series.

Overall, I Love Las Vegas. My parents got me hooked on this show. I honestly started watching in Season 2 and now I can get caught up with season 1 with this uncut and uncensored version of the show. Most of which, is just a little bit of steamier scenes thrown in. One of the most entertaining shows on Las Vegas, I hope this series last because it’s a helluva good time.

Sin City: A Hundred Years Of Good Luck
Inside The Montecito
Rumble In The Montecito:
Featurette including Jon Bon Jovi, John Ellway and the TV cast of Last Vegas




Favorite Scenes: Pilot, The Night The Lights Went Out in Vegas, Always Faithful, Groundhog Summer
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 996 minutes
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