MacGyver: The Complete 2nd Season

DVD Reviews | Jun 13th, 2005

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Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Bruce McGill, Tia Carrere, Teri Hatcher, Michael Des Barres
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Studio: Paramount
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The man with the swiss army knife, duct tape and some tin foil is back with another season! This is the MacGyver season that’s just plain awesome! As I call it, the Mullet-Years! The first season was okay, but this is the season to get.

Season 2 starts off with MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) having to test out a computer security system for the Phoenix Foundation. That’s the company he works for, which he didn’t work for in the beginning of the series. His Boss is Pete Thornton, who’s also one of his best friends. You didn’t see much of Pete in the first season til half way through the first season but Dana Elcar (who just passed away this weekend. RIP Dana) became a regular character on the show. MacGyver finds himself in a bunch of different situations this season like helping some wounded eagles out in the mountains, helping out some ex-girlfriends who are in danger, running away from mobsters, fighting some terrorists and battling his arch nemesis, Murdoc! This was the first season Murdoc appeared and he is one of the greatest TV villains of all time I think. I’ll get more into him later. Wherever MacGyver was, he always had some sidekick by his side. There weren’t too many episodes where it’s just MacGyver. After all, MacGyver has to interact with someone. Wouldn’t be very exciting if it’s just Mac’s narration and him the whole episode. This season, you start to see MacGyver do some missions that aren’t as life threatening as others. The second season also finds MacGyver hanging out with friends, re-living their experiences. Plus he gets amnesia and his close group of friends try to help him remember who he is. I think it’s a little too soon to be doing flashback episodes but whatever. There’s enough of a variety of episodes to choose from if you don’t want to watch the lamer ones.

The MacGyver episodes that I really remember the most are when he’s battling against his arch-nemesis, Murdoc (played by Michael Des Barres). Each episode he appears in, he dresses up in these elaborate disguises, that are truly unbelievable but you just go along for the ride. He also supposedly gets killed in every episode, and he comes back every time. It’s almost like Stefano from Days of Lives dying & coming back and…Oh my god, I can’t believe I just compare MacGyver to a freakin’ soap opera! The episode “Partners,” where you first see Murdoc is also good because it flashes back to the first time MacGyver, Pete and Jack Dalton met. You find out that Pete wore a toupee and Jack owned a Taxi service. That’s how MacGyver got involved with Pete and his Government work. I’m not entirely sure but I believe this is the first season that you see Jack Dalton as well, played by Animal House’s D-Day (Bruce McGill). He’s a great character to add to the show, and is the comic relief of the series. There are a few episodes with Jack on season two to check out like Jack of Lies, Dalton: Jack of spies and the Partners episode.

Like I said in my Season 1 review, I was disappointed to see there weren’t any extras on this DVD. But then again, I’m just happy they are on DVD, so I don’t have to figure out when they are on TV Land. Plus it’s nice to have the seasons in order and without no commercials interruptions. I think for the third season, which comes out in the fall I believe; they need to get Richard Dean Anderson and some people back from the show and do some commentaries, featurettes, etc.. What’s an even better idea now, is do a tribute to Dana Elcar who passed away this weekend. I would like to see a little more effort put into this series because it ‘s a good, fun series. The fans deserve it.

To summarize my review, MacGyver Season 2 is far better than season 1. You see Mac in greater peril, but in more adventurous situations. The best episodes are when he’s in some foreign country, or in the wilderness. I always loved those episodes when I was younger. Any MacGyver fan should get this DVD, even though there aren’t any extras. Bring on Season 3!


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Favorite Scenes: Eagles, Phoenix Under Siege, Final Approach, Jack of Lies, Dalton Jack of Spies, Partners, Bushmaster
Rating: NR
Running Time: 1256 minutes
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