MacGyver: The Complete 4th Season

DVD Reviews | Dec 29th, 2005

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Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Bruce McGill, Michael Des Barres
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Studio: Paramount
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Another MacGyver season on DVD and the seasons keep getting better and better! I like how the seasons are quickly coming out on DVD, but wish there still was a little bit more effort in the extras department. I know I keep complaining about that with each MacGyver review; I’m sure the fans agree with me though. Even if there was some half-ass featurette or some commentaries, I think the fans will be happy. But I guess we’ll take what we can get.

I’m not going to go into the usual shtick explaining what MacGyver is about because you should all know by now. Season 4 sees MacGyver in his prime, still sporting the mullet & leather jacket where ever he goes. Many of the friends MacGyver has encounter over the seasons return, including Penny, the ditzy but very attractive friend of MacGyver (played by Terry Hatcher), the troublemaker Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill), and of course his best friend & boss Pete (the late Dana Elcar). MacGyver also runs into his arch nemesis Murdoc (played by Michael Des Barres). No MacGyver season is complete without good old Murdoc popping up in costumes and seeking revenge. Each season he gets more mangled and beat up, but gosh darnit, he comes back for more. Doesn’t he realize MacGyver is awesome and defeats him each time? Silly madman.

The first episode of the season starts out with MacGyver and Penny Parker driving to her inherited Aunt Betty’s house. She thinks the place is haunted because all this weird stuff is happening to them. MacGyver doesn’t believe in that stuff so he gets down to the bottom of it and finds out the truth. Sort of a weak episode to start the season with but the episodes get better as the season goes along. The one episode that stands out is “The Survivors.” That’s when Pete has to go through one of MacGyver’s wilderness tests and they find themselves having to use what they learned to defeat some good-for-nothing drug smugglers. I love the outdoor episodes with MacGyver! That’s where he really shows off his stuff. No, not that! You know what I mean…Anyway, “Blood Brothers” is a cool episode because it features a young Jason Priestly getting chased down by drug dealers. It’s always the drug dealers…. But you finally find out what happened with Mac in the past and why he never used guns. You’ll have to watch the episode to find out why he doesn’t use guns. Other episodes that I liked: Murdoc coming back and trying to kill Penny & MacGyver during her shitty rock musical (she looked hot in the Egyptian gear though), MacGyver agrees to race a car for an injured friend, Mac saves the Amish, MacGyver helps out a teen runaway who became a hooker, and MacGyver ends up going camping with convicts. The man really needs a break because so much stuff seems to be happening to him! Hasn’t he learned by now? But I guess trouble finds him.

MacGyver Season 4 was better than Season 3 as far as episodes are concerned. There’s a more of a variety of different missions or things that Mac does. The quality of the episodes doesn’t look the greatest and the extras are a big disappointment but I’m still happy that Paramount is releasing the seasons so quickly. Look for Season 5 in the spring time!


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Full Screen: 1.33:1


Favorite Scenes: Blood Brothers, The Survivors, On a Wing and a Prayer, Cleo Rocks
Rating: NR
Running Time: 916 minutes
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