MacGyver: The Complete 5th Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 28th, 2006

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Starring Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Bruce McGill, Michael Des Barres, Cuba Gooding Jr, Teri Hatcher
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Studio: Paramount
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It’s that time again to review more MacGyver DVDs! One of my favorite shows from the 80’s and it seems Paramount is releasing these DVDs out every month. I can’t complain, I wanted them on DVD and now I own all five seasons. Season 6 will be coming out in June as well so in 2 months I’ll have another review for you. But for now, enjoy MacGyver in his 5th season.

This season starts out with an Archaeologist friend of Mac’s hijacking his houseboat and letting it loose while MacGyver is sleeping on it. MacGyver wakes up in the middle of the lake/ocean/wherever, and she tells him that she needs his help. Obviously he’s just a little bit pissed off about his house boat. She tells him after he cools down that she has a map to ancient artifact and needs Mac’s help to retrieve. Obviously they run into trouble like he always does when going on these adventures. Now that I think of it, MacGyver runs into this kind of trouble when he’s just coaching a hockey team for a friend. Other episodes this season include Mac dreaming he’s in the Old West, tracking down black rhino hunters with his friends, MacGyver stops an assassination attempt and gets framed for it, as well as wounded. He meets up with some old friends like Penny (Teri Hatcher) and meets up with some old enemies as well. Murdoc shows up this season but the episode is different than the previous seasons. Murdoc captures MacGyver but says he’s retired now and needs Mac’s help. His sister is in trouble and going to be murdered if they don’t help her. Of course Mac hesitates but eventually agrees to do it. Unexpectedly, Murdoc & MacGyver become a good team and actually have great chemistry together but things get bad in the end for Murdoc…or do they??? The guy’s a cat what can I say…

That episode “Halloween Knights” is the one episode I remember the most out of this season, or the series actually. That episode is definitely in my top 5 favorite episodes of all time when it comes to MacGyver. I don’t know what it was? Maybe it was the teaming up of an hero & villain, or maybe it was the cool “death row” scene at the end that I like it so much. It probably helped me liking that episode a lot since USA Network and other networks played the hell out of that one. I just love the Murdoc episodes and I know I say that each review, but I do! They are the most exciting and like how he keeps coming back, even though he should be dead at least 5 times now.

This season of MacGyver didn’t really seem that different than the last one. Richard Dean Anderson is still sporting the mullet and doing what he does best, solving things in a quick manner with gadgets and other things he pulls out of his ass. Like the rest of the seasons, each season gets better with quality. The DVD quality of the episodes and the quality of the show itself. Though for the DVD quality, it’s probably just the newer episodes that look better than the older ones. This far in the game, the creators & everyone involve know what works and what doesn’t. So you get a lot of great classic MacGyver episodes. You still get a lot of hodge podge, mix match episodes where MacGyver is fighting terrorists overseas and the next minute dealing with teenagers. The guy’s a Jack-of-all-trades I guess! I find it funny that they keep using the same villains & character actors for different episodes. A good example of this, is one of the villains in the premiere episode, “The Legend of The Holy Rose.” And isn’t that the dude that was the convict in Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure?! Along with that dude, there are a lot of guest appearances from known people like Cuba Gooding Jr, Teri Hatcher (last appearance I think?), Blossom, and Linda Blair.

Obviously I always bitch about the absence of bonus material on here. I wish Paramount would have SOMETHING on here, talking about the show but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna be the case. The next season comes out and then another one after (which I think is the the end of the series?). I’m just happy the shows are on DVD for obsessed fans to enjoy like myself. You got the other seasons? Then why not buy this one and add to the collection!


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Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Halloween Knights, The Legend of the Black Rose, Cease Fire, Black Rhino, Rush to Judgment, The Ten Percent Solution
Rating: NR
Running Time: 1003 minutes
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