Married With Children: The Complete Fourth Season

DVD Reviews | Sep 24th, 2005

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Starring Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, Amanda Bearse, David Garrison
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Studio: Sony
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Married with Children is one of my favorite TV shows, and this season is when I really remember the show the most. Though I probably said that for the last two seasons. Season 3 & 4 were the best seasons of the series I think. There were so many classic episodes in this season, it just seems every episode is great!

Season 4 starts off with a great Labor Day episode, where Marcy is mourning her dead Aunt in an Earn. Steve is laughing about it, and Al has off and wants a Barbecue. Peggy actually does manual labor and Al is turned on by it. While cleaning, Peggy knocks over Al’s grill with all the ashes from previous Barbecues. She gets the kids to find her ashes to use, remember Marcy’s dead Aunt? Well yeah, you can pretty much guess what happens next. It’s brilliant comedy like that follows throughout the whole season. Other episodes include: Peggy wins a contest with an Aerobic instructor, Al is forced to take the neighbor kids camping and Steve gets stung by bees and covered with Poison Oak, Peggy sells Al’s Playboys, Al starts a show hotline and Steve loses his job over it, Al tries to fix the roof from leaking, and Steve leaves Marcy.

There’s just too many episodes to list here that were good in this season. There’s a total of 23 episodes, a few two-part episodes (the Xmas episode with Sam Kinison, the Vegas one). I believe that episode was one of the few things Sam Kinison did before he tragically died in a motorcycle accident. This is also the last full season featuring Steve, played by David Garrison. Marcy eventually married Jefferson, the male bimbo played by Ted McGinley. I honestly can’t decide which actor I like better but both are very funny in different ways. Steve comes back in later episodes and feuds with Marcy & Jefferson. This season, Peggy just seem to get REALLY annoying to me. She screwed Al over so many times likes selling his playboys, stealing his car money, ratting the cops on him for 300 unpaid parking tickets, tax invasion and lots more! I would have chopped her head off after selling the Playboys. But that’s what makes the sitcom hilarious, how Al can never catch a break or never win in the end. Kelly seems to really get dumb in this season as well, which makes the show even funnier. The best is the snappy comments Bud and her make back and forth. Al and Marcy still bicker back & forth as well, but they also get along one episode, and even go drinking at a bar at the end of an episode. I like them fighting instead but it was nice to see them get along for a change. My favorite episode in Season 4 is when Al, Bud and Steve take the neighbor kids camping. Seeing the Kids torture Steve with Poison Oak, and then later he gets stung to death by Bees. Oh man, it’s just classic! And they have nothing better to do but watch him die in the woods, and sing showtunes. I still have tears in my eyes laughing so much at that episode.

Married With Children Season 4 is one of the better seasons, and even though there’s a new theme song and some syndicated episodes included on this DVD set, it’s still worth buying if you love the show. I hope with Season 5, there will be some featurettes or some audio commentary included. It just seems like some studios are just trying to get the shows out there quickly, without taking the time to gather up some cool things for fans. Ah well, you can’t get everything in life I suppose. Just ask Al Bundy.


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Favorite Scenes: Hot Off The Grill, Dead Men Don’t do Aerobics, Buck Saves the Day, Oh what a Feeling, Who’ll stop the rain, Rock and Roll Girl, You Gotta Know When To Hold Em, Peggy Turns 300
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Running Time: 511 minutes
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