Mind of Mencia

DVD Reviews | Apr 4th, 2006

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Starring Carlos Mencia
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Studio: Comedy Central/Paramount
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The world was expecting to have another hilarious season of Chappelle’s Show but due to Chappelle bailing, Comedy Central turned to Carlos Mencia to push the envelope with this new funny comedy show. Featuring 12 episodes and loads of extras, Carlos Mencia is one of the edgier comics around and it doesn’t stop with his show.

Carlos Mencia has been one of the premier comics on the west coast for years now, which comes along with his irreverent humor, and equal racial arguments. No one is safe in the Mind of Mencia. From blacks, to whites to Asian, Arabs, and Latinos, Mencia takes on all kinds and gives everyone his two cents. The episodes are usually set up with Carlos doing the first break with stand up, and dealing with certain subjects like fat, retarded people, wetbacks, babies, etc. Then, Carlos is usually out on the streets of LA doing interviews, and visiting certain locations like the Renaissance Festival, or the Real Desperate Housewives, a funny bit where Carlos visits real gardeners and tests the theory of the television series. Carlos also has lots of great guest stars like Cheech Marin, Peter Boyle, and Method Man who helps tackle the “N” word. While I find most of his show really funny and a great relationship, I think Carlos can be a little repetitive with his favorite saying “Deh Deh Deh” making fun of retarded people. It’s seemed like his joke of that is really overused and to me is distracting. It still can be funny without saying that all the time, I get it, they are dumb.

Extras on the 2 disc set include Gene Simmons’ words of wisdom which is a great bit because he does make a lot of sense as far as relationships, though demented can seem truthful. Next up is Carlos’ “Mencia Moments” which resemble a quick little blurb like NBC’s What You Know, and usually are hilarious like ” if guys play sports with a girl and she beats you, don’t say you play good for girl. Accept the fact she is a better athlete you are and you are fucking wimp!” See, simple, funny and too the point. Other extras you may find on the set are audio commentaries, gag reels, carlos en espanol, and deleted scenes, plus a look inside the show.

Mind of Mencia is a great replacement for Chappelle. It will never match the popularity and hilarity of Chappelle but is great on its own and has done nicely for Mencia’s career. For the most part, I love Carlos Mencia’s views on life and race and it’s refreshing to see a comic go after everyone equally and so willingly. Plus it’s funny.

-A Look Inside the “Mind of Mencia”
-Deleted Scenes
-Audio Commentary by Carlos en Espaol
-Gag Reel

-ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

-Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Plenty of them.
Rating: NR
Running Time: 259 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: