Minor Threat

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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I didn’t even know this was going to be released but I’m glad I got it. Minor Threat is one of most influential punk bands of all time, and one of my favorites. They’re one of the bands that got me into punk and hardcore music back when I was in late elem. school/ early high school. The main reason why I started listening to them because my older Brother was into them. If there was one band that I’d want to get back together for a Reunion tour, it would be Minor Threat.

The DVD contains 2 Full shows, and a few songs from their 2nd show ever. Their 2nd show was on December 17th, 1980 at the Unheard Music Hall Festival in DC. The songs on the DVD are “Minor Threat,” “Stand Up,” “Seeing Red,” “Bottled Violence,” “Stepping Stone.” The footage is in B/W and it’s pretty freakin’ crappy. It’s like watching scrambled porn. “Oh oh, I think I see a head!” But that footage is kind of like an extra thing because the other shows are better quality.

The next show was at the Buff Hall in Camden NJ on Nov. 20th 1982. During this time in the punk scene, there was tons of rivalries and fighting before, during, and after shows. Before that show, Ian MacKeye was standing near one of the other bands vans when a hit and run happened and smashed the band’s van and Ian went flying and got a concussion. He came back from the hospital before their set and played the show! That’s punk rock! You can see on his head that he has a huge bump. Plus during the show, people wanted to fight other people in the crowd and it’s just got chaotic. You don’t see those types of shows anymore. The ones where there’s a small stage with all these kids on it, stage diving, going apeshit over the music. I wasn’t apart of that era because I was too young to go to shows then.

The last show on the DVD is the highlight of the DVD because it has the best quality, and it was one of their last shows ever. It was at the 9:30 Club in DC and it was originally filmed for a documentary that got shelved. During that show, they play just about every song they ever wrote. Other than the shows, there is a Q&A with Ian but I didn’t check that out yet. There’s also a 16 page booklet included with the DVD that has pictures, a short history and lyrics. Minor Threat & punk fans will want to check this out!





Favorite Scenes: In My Eyes, Minor Threat, Think Again, Straight Edge, Seeing Red
Rating: NR
Running Time: 92 minutes
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