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DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring One Man Army
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Studio: Kung Fu Records
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Just when I start to get into One Man Army, they fucking break up! What’s up with that! Usually, I’m late with all the bands I like. Perfect example is the Pogues. They broke up years ago but I only discovered them a few years ago. But in my case with bands I like, either the band broke up already, or if I just interviewed one of the bands, then they break up. I don’t get it.

I haven’t really listened to One Man Army that often, besides reviewing their Cds. I’m not sure why I never got into them until this year. I think it was the album Rumors and Headlines on BYO that got me hooked. That album is one of the best punk albums I’ve heard in long time. Every song is just really catchy and pure punk rock. This DVD is when that album was released so they played a lot of tracks from that. They do play a few old tracks like “” “Another Dead End Story” and “The Holidays.” Their live show isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but if you love the songs, you will still enjoy the DVD. The members of the band tend to stand in place and just play & sing. Maybe they were trashed on this DVD. Another reason why I like One Man Army, is the singer’s voice. It’s very screechy and distinctive, but not in annoying way. The tracks from Rumors and Headlines are my favorite songs that they play on this live DVD. I do like the other songs but I like those songs better.

Like other Kung Fu Records DVD, the extras contain band commentary, and that’s usually entertaining. The bands tend to just make fun of themselves, and that’s always funny to me. There’s also some behind the scenes footage, trailers and previews of other DVD releases, and a photo gallery.

One Man Army weren’t around for a long time, but they certainly knew how to rock out and have a good time. You can’t see them live now (unless they reunite), so buying this DVD is the next best thing! Or you can buy the Live CD if you are too “punk rock” to own a DVD player.

Band Commentary
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ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

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Favorite Scenes: Next Generation, SOS, Another Night, Victoria, All Night Long
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 92 minutes
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