Pawn Stars- Season Two

DVD Reviews | Aug 31st, 2010

Starring: The Harrison Family
Studio:A&E/History Channel

The Harrisons own the only family-run Pawn Shop in all of Las Vegas, and with that comes some crazy characters trying to sell one of a kind items, valuable junk and sometimes even fakes. Grandfather, Father and Son own the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and to this day, they get excited at the fact they can bring in rare and unique pieces to the store, with their main motive, making a profit. Interesting, and entertaining this has become one of my new favorite TV shows!

Pawn Shops have been around longer than ATM’s and Banks, and were there to help people with small loans, or just to trade in, or sell. If people want cash quickly, this would be the best and fastest way if you were in a bind. Have that old coin, or WWII heirloom lying around the house and want to get it appraised and/or sell? Head on down to The Harrison’s Pawn Shop in Vegas and you just might find out you were sitting on a gold mine. It takes a certain type of person to be a Pawn Shop dealer. In a way, you can’t be as sympathetic for the person coming in because you are out to make a profit off of them.

With Season 2, there are 32 episodes jammed packed on a 4 disc DVD set featuring all the exciting items that came through the Pawn Shop including ancient artifacts, sports memorabilia, motorbikes, and even gliders and helicopters! Rick Harrison currently is the co-owner with his father, Richard Harrison aka The Old Man, of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Rick’s son Corey aka Big Hoss is the Manager of the Pawn Shop, alongside him is his dopey friend Chumlee, who’s been Corey’s friend since he was a 12. Together, this foursome provide lots of laughs and cringe-worthy, sarcastic humor that in the end you know they have nothing but love for each other. For a customer, it has to be a pretty intimidating place to visit and try and make a deal if they can be so harsh and ball-busting to each other in the Shop.

I love how such old antiques and ancient pieces come strolling through their store all the time. I mean, buried treasure and authentic swords from the military from WWI and WWII. It’s real impressive and it also yields a lot more money then people expect going in there to get it appraised. I also appreciate the fact that the guys know their boundaries. If they don’t know, they get items appraised and you see that a lot on the show. Perhaps in real life, appraisers are not called in all the time but they reserve it for the big ticket items that they use on the show. It would be pretty boring to see constant junk coming through the doors on the TV show.

As far as extras go, not much except additional footage not featured on the show. The Show is really fun and I loved watching it. I’ll stick with this show as long as it is on the air, and I’m really loving the direction of The History Channel and it’s programming. Pawn Stars and American Pickers I look forward to every week and having them on DVD is even better.

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Standard 1.33:1 Color

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC]

Bottom Line:
Fun, entertaining show and you learn a little in the process! The Harrisons are a riot!
Running Time: 704 mins
Rating: NR
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