Phat Girlz

DVD Reviews | Sep 26th, 2006

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Starring Mo’Nique, Joyful Drake, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Kendra C. Johnson, Dayo Ade
Written By: Nnegest Likke
Directed By: Nnegest Likke
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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I don’t think I can ever forgive Bryan for giving me this to review. It was almost as bad as that flick I reviewed two years ago called GAS. I usually love stupid funny movies, they’re so ridiculous that you can at least make fun of them, which is kind of what I was expecting from this pile of shit. Alas, I lost almost 2 hours of my life trying to watch it.

Starring everyone’s favorite “phat” (they mean FAT) girl Mo’nique, the plot here goes as follows: fat girl working in retail is an aspiring fashion designer struggling to find love and acceptance. Her hatred is geared toward “skinny white bitches” mostly. Actually, all of her hatred is toward every white person in this movie, her boss included. Listen here “phatty”, you’re making millions of dollars, the man is NOT holding you down so get over it.

Mo’nique, or should I call her by her characters name, Jazmin (she had to spell it that way, so not to be confused with that much thinner, much cooler Jasmine from Aladdin), wins a week trip to a spa so her and her friends decide to go try and have a good old jolly “phat” time. They meet up with three attractive men from Nigeria and, well, what do ya know, the Phat Girlz find love and their skinny friend doesn’t. How sweet right?

I don’t think I really need to go on much more about this movie. It WASN’T funny, the plot has been done before, you can easily predict what will happen next , and it just wasn’t interesting. I’m sorry if I seem a bit angry, but I want my time back.

The DVD has some extras, like a behind the scenes documentary, a blooper reel, some trailers. Pretty much nothing of excitement. Who really wants to sit and watch a “Making of Phat Girlz” featurette? I sure didn’t. Thanks Bryan.

Here’s what others have to say about this movie, and honestly, I don’t agree with them in the least….”Surprise,surprise. I must agree with the other reviewer, this movie has very positive message. My daughter wanted to see this but I didn’t. The trailers did not do it any justice, I’m so happy I saw It; It left me feeling inspired. This movie is truly about learning to love your self, despite what the world says is beautiful or “normal”. Simple yet powerful. A must see.” So you can listen to that review, or listen to mine. The choice is yours folks.





Favorite Scenes: The ONLY line I thought was pretty funny in this movie, was when Monique said to herself, while seeing a black guy walk around with his white girlfriend didnt you learn anything from O.J. Bitch? Other than that, I hate this goddamn movie.
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 99 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: