Pistol Grip: Live at the Glasshouse

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Pistol Grip
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Studio: Kung Fu Records
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Here’s another band I just started to listen to a lot. Their newest album “” is a great punk album, and I personally feel it’s the best punk album of the year. This is an earlier Pistol Grip performance, and that album didn’t come out yet but their set is still filed with great punk tunes!

First impressions of Pistol Grip’s first 2 albums weren’t that good. I thought they sounded like just like another punk band but I now regret thinking that. But after hearing “Tear It All Down,” I went back to those albums and now I think they are solid. Yeah, I can be like that sometimes. It takes a strong album to make me realize how good a band is. Though I’ll admit those albums aren’t as good as their third CD. Which means, their music has grown and has gotten sharper. I think Stag, the singer, sounds like Paul Weller from the Jam a little. The band sounds great live. In any event, I like Pistol Grip now and glad that their recorded a live performance on DVD. If only they waited to their newest album but whatever, the songs they play on here are still good. Their set is very energetic, and the songs are very catchy. I hope Pistol Grip tours around the NY area again sometime soon because I never saw them live yet. I guess I have this DVD to watch in the mean time.

The extras are the typical Kung Fu extras, but that’s not really a bad thing. There’s a cool multi-angle feature, and it’s neat to see all the different angles of the show. I always like listening to band commentary after watching the live show enough. There’s some bonus footage of an after party, with the band and friends hanging out, drinking beer and just having a good time.

Pistol Grip grew on me, but now I listen to them all the time. Their live DVD’s quality and footage is top notch (like all Kung Fu Records DVDs) and couldn’t ask for a better quality. My only complaint is that I wish the band filmed their performance after Tear it All Down came out but oh well. Go get this DVD and support the band!

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Favorite Scenes: Crucifixion Politix, Another Face to Hate, Sweet & Sour of a knife, black heart
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