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DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring The Planet Smashers
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A celebration of ten years with Montreal, Canada’s The Planet Smashers, featuring all their music videos, rare live performances and some other goodies as well, which makes this a great dvd for fans of P.S. and Ska.

Formed in 1994 by lead singer and guitarist Matt Collyer, The Planet Smashers started out small, just playing around the city of Montreal, and then expanding further throughout Canada, eh. (I had to throw one out there.) With their second release “Attack of the Planet Smashers,” things began to pick up for the band and the Ska scene as well. Ha! get it? Pick up. Pick it up? Ah, whatever close enough. Should I continue with all the cheesy Ska puns? Well, keep reading and find out. After “Attack of…” I personally feel The Planet Smashers got stronger as a band and just made it fun to listen to. “Life of the Party,” and “Mighty” are some of the best Ska records out there. Check them out.

Continuing with the dvd, I loved all the music videos on here. It was hilarious to check out some of the older, not well made, videos. Also, I especially enjoyed the newer videos like “Explosive” with Neville Staple of The Specials and “J’aime ta femme (I like your girl,) which has both the American and French versions of the song. Another fave, was “Super Orgy Porno Party,” all done with clay animation. Very funny. I think there were 12 videos all together.

The live stuff was a little bit of a downer. I was hoping for more newer, better quality footage than some of the stuff they have on here. Some of the live stuff was almost ten years old, and even the newer shows in the late 90’s weren’t the best. I still enjoyed them because I love The Planet Smashers and anything live is great. Other stuff included on the dvd was a brief intro by a few members of the band, and the entire series of Catman which I believe was a Japanese animated show that feature the Planet Smashers in each episode. I didn’t dig the show. I’m not a fan of Japanese animation. Also, there were some interviews with the band and and a discography.

Overall, a pretty good DVD with great videos and some fun live footage. Hopefully next year they can put an entire dvd of a headlining show only. I think it best shows how the band has progressed over the years with their latest, their finest yet, in “Mighty” So PS fans check it out and enjoy!

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Favorite Scenes: Explosive, J’aime Ta Femme, Super Orgy Porno Party and Surfin In Tofino Videos
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