Punk Rock Summer Camp

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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This is a documentary film on the Warped Tour of 1998. The film takes you behind the scenes of the tour and shows you cool performances by NOFX, US Bombs, Deftones, Bad Religion, Rancid, Specials and more! This was originally released on VHS so that explains the the lack of extras or no extras at all. It also explains why the audio was low, and I had to raise my TV volume almost full blast to get decent sound. But I guess it doesn’t help that it was recorded on little video cameras either. I liked the behind the scenes of the Warped Tour and and a lot of the non-music aspect of the tour and seeing how much production goes into the tour. I actually wished they showed a lot more of it, but the people are going to buy this because of the live shots of the various bands on this DVD.

I found myself reminiscing a bit and liking the ska performances more like Hepcat and The Specials. I remember going to this tour and seeing the Specials play together for the last time together (I’m pretty sure of that?) and the unison dance steps of Alex and Greg of Hepcat. That was awesome to watch. Another good thing about this Dvd is all proceeds are donated to charity (Surfrider Foundation, Boarding for Breast Cancer, Camp Pacific Heartland, Lifebeat). I hope there is more of these documentaries, behind the scenes type films of the Warped Tour released in the future. Just wish the quality and extras were better.





Favorite Scenes: Um, I liked the behind the scenes stuff on the Warped Tour and things like Punk Rock Karoke, Mural Painting, “Downtime.”
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