Reel Big Fish: Live At the House of Blues

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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The successful DVD series “The Show Must Go OFF!” from Kung Fu Records releases another cool DVD! This time it’s from those wacky ska rockers Reel Big Fish and they play 20 new and old tunes in about 2 hours! Such songs as “Alternative Baby” “Thanks for Not Moshing” “Everything Sucks” ‘S.R” “She Has A Girlfriend Now” “Good Thing” Beer” “Sellout” “Take on Me” and more! Can’t beat that kids! The show was shot in their hometown, The O.C. and on seven 24 P- Digital cameras and the footage looks great! Reel Big Fish have one of the most exciting live sets I’ve seen and it’s captured here on DVD. The video and sound are crisp, and any fan with a DVD should want this for their collection.

Half way through I put on the band commentary (yes commentary on a live concert) and listen to Aaron and Scott chat away and it was pretty funny. Aaron starts off most of his lines like “here’s something you didn’t know..” and would usually say they stole/took/ripped off chords/verses/riffs off Bosstones/Less Than Jake/ Sublime haha. I thought that was funny. The only negatives I had with the band commentary was the audio was popping when they were screaming or it got too loud. I don’t know why this happens, like it’s some funny gag, but every commentary I listen to, someone’s cell phone goes off. If you’re that fucking important that you need to have a cell phone on while taping the audio commentary for a DVD then don’t do it at all! Oh, another thing they kept doing was commenting on all the hot girls in the crowd and kept wanting to see the same one. I thought that was pretty funny. The other complaint was Aaron doing his solo stuff like he was a rock star or something. Quit it, you’re in a cheesy ska band, you can’t do that haha.

Anyway, The DVD also has a small featurette of backstage footage and stuff before the show. Like Aaron driving in his truck listening to..Reel Big Fish and ordering taco bell, smoking a cigar. There’s some other hijinxs on there as well. There isn’t that much else on this DVD in the extras dept. besides photo gallery, trailers, and something else. The audio commentary is amusing so without it I would have given the extras a lower rating. But overall this DVD is really fun and you should get it if you like Reel Big Fish.

– Band Commentary
– Backstage footage
– Photo gallery
– Trailers
– Web access & more!




Favorite Scenes: “Alternative Baby” “Everything sucks” “Beer” “Good Thing” “Sell Out”
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