Robin Hood: Season Two

DVD Reviews | Jul 31st, 2008

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Starring Jonas Armstrong, Lucy Griffiths, Richard Armitage, Keith Allen, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton, Joe Armstrong, Harry Lloyd, Anjali Jay
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Studio: BBC Video
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I’ve been a fan of this series since Day 1, and think it’s a fun & entertaining take on the Robin Hood legend. Its got just the right amount of cheese, adventure, comedy, action and drama to make me keep watching the show. I still think Robin of Sherwood is the best take on the Robin Hood legend to date, but this show is a lot of fun.

Robin Hood Season 2 is a much darker tale compared to the first season. The Sheriff of Nottingham is plotting to kill King Richard upon his return to England. He wants to rule England himself with Gisbourne by his side. He’s assembled a bunch of men called the Black Knights and trying to create an army with indestructible armor. Robin Hood is still trying to win Marion’s heart and fight The Sheriff and Gisbourne at the same time. Marion and her Father are under house arrest at the castle. Robin and his gang continue to give to the poor and their group encounter a lot of troubles and hard tasks as well. They keep trying to break into Sheriff of Nottingham’s strong room which is like a tricky bank filled with booby traps and other trickery. One storyline that continued over from the first season was the love triangle between Robin, Marion and Gisbourne. Besides that, another important storyline this season is that Robin had a spy amongst his gang. Robin Hood certainly has a lot on his plate this season, but you’ll have to find out if he can handle it all at season’s end.

I’m not sure if I liked this season better or not yet. Both seasons are very entertaining. I must have watch 8 hours of episodes in one Saturday so it must be somewhat good right? I think some of the comedy and funny one-liners that were frequent in season 1 were missing in this season. Season 2 was darker with a few deaths, one is very surprising to me. I liked how they used the character that was a spy this season. One character I thought got the shaft so to speak this season was Little John. He was merely a secondary character who was just used for muscle. I can’t even recall if he had a Little John centric episode. Usually you get one or two centric episodes for each character but seemed like Little John didn’t have enough in season 2. I thought Lucy Griffiths this season was better than the first season. Her acting was better, and she looked even more beautiful. Jonas Armstrong plays Robin Hood quite well but I can’t help but think he’s a member of the Kaiser Chiefs when I watch the show. I liked how the season was going but didn’t like the way it ended for obvious reasons. The character was just getting good and they decide to kill that person off. This death is just as controversial when they killed off Robin of Loxley in the TV series Robin of Sherwood. But they made it work with the way the show was done. I’m not sure what this series plans on doing in the future.

Well there’s rumors that the person might come back for Season 3 but not sure how they would handle that. Unless there’s some wizardry or some crap involved. I’m really curious on how the next season is going to be because it seems like they got rid of one storyline and going to focus on Robin Hood some more? Who knows, I hope by killing off that character they didn’t ruin the show. If you like this TV series, there’s a few good featurettes on the making of the 2nd season, there’s a Marion and Edward featurettes. Each featurette is pretty long and really satisfying. Definitely worth watching after the season.

This season is very entertaining, it’s darker than the first season and the acting is great. The show is cheesy at times but so is Star Wars and Indiana Jones. So if you like Robin Hood and want to see an updated take of him, check this show out! But be sure to watch the first season before the second!

– Beneath the Hood: Making Robin Hood: Season 2
– Marian Featurette
– Edward Featurette
– Commentary

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