Ron White- They Call Me "Tater Salad"

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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One of the 4 redneck comedians of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour now has his own DVD like Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and next Bill Engvall on Image Entertainment. It’s kind of good to see each comedian by themselves doing their thing instead of a group tour, that way there isn’t a bunch of comparision and competition on who’s better. Each comedian has their own brand of hick humor.

Ron White is the type of guy that seems like he’d be the rowdy regular drunk at the corner of the bar and flirts with everything within one inch of him and is just obnoxious. That’s probably why he’s so popular because there’s so many people like that. The more I hear Ron White’s standup act, the more I like him as a comedian. He’s got brilliant delivery with jokes, and has some funny stories. Some of the topics he covers range from a plane crash, marrying a rich woman or a woman with rich parents, cheating on that wife and his classic bit: getting literally thrown out of a bar in NYC. He was wearing a cowboy hat and I guess the bar didn’t allow hats, and he was drunk (obviously) and didn’t take it off. He got thrown out of the bar by 5 or 6 bouncers and was arrested. It’s an hilarious bit, check that one out definitely.

There’s 2 extras on this disc. A one on one chat with Ron White and it’s kind of short. He talks about getting his big break in comedy and opening up for Sam Kinision. Sam Kinison hand picked him to open for him and he only had a half hour of material, and ended up going longer than that because Sam was late. After which, he could have have chosen between talking with TV execs or executives of something, or partying with Sam Kinision. And he chose party with Sam Kinision. I probably would have done the same thing haha. The other extra is a photo gallery. But stand up DVDs aren’t normally extras-packed so it was kind of cool to have the interview on here.

If you like Ron White from Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and southern humor, you’ll get a kick outta of Ron White. I’m from New York and found him really funny so his brand of humor is for everybody. Check it out.

– One on One with Ron
– Photo Gallery

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Favorite Scenes: “They Call Me Tater Salad” “Plane Crash” “The demise of my relationship”
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Running Time: 56 minutes
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