Scrubs: The Complete Second Season

DVD Reviews | Dec 6th, 2005

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Starring Zach Braff, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, Judy Reyes, Sarah Chalke, Christa Miller
Written By: Bill Lawrence
Directed By:
Studio: Disney/ Buena Vista
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Like I said in my review for Scrubs: The Complete First Season, I love the show but never found time to actually watch it. Now that the second season is on DVD, I haven’t been able to stop watching the DVD. Now if Disney would only release the third season sooner, I might able to get caught up on the newer seasons.

The second season of Scrubs starts off with the interns moving up to residents. Everyone gets all cranky at each other, and while all this is happening; Colin Hay of Men At Work keeps on singing “Overkill” throughout the episode. (Which is one of the best openers for the series). The very end of the episode, Dr. Cox pulls a Belushi and smashes the guitar. The residents have to face the fact that they need to take responsibility and grow up a little bit. But they still manage to goof and cause trouble each episode. And they still manage to piss each other numerous times. In fact that’s how each episode is set up. They start the day off to a good start, one of them/all of them screw something up, and then take the whole episode rectifying it. Some of the episodes in this season include JD’s older loser brother coming to town and visiting him, Dr. Cox goes back to his ex-wife, who happens to be pregnant with someone else’s kid, Elliot sleeps with a doctor at Sacred Heart and rumors spread around that she’s a whore..but she likes the attention. Plus there’s the on and off relationship with JD and Elliot. Of course, there’s the reoccurring things like: the crazy janitor picking on JD, the overly sarcastic comments made by Dr. Cox, the wise ass/rude comebacks & jokes from Dr Kelso, and JD screwing things up each episode.

The second season is a lot maturer than the previous season and it has a fair balance between comedy and drama. That’s what makes this show so good; It knows how to balance the two things. I still classify this as a comedy, it’s just made more for adults and I like that. I’m glad this show didn’t dumb itself down to draw in more viewers. The second season was so good, it was nominated for two Emmys. I found this season so much better in so many areas. Dr Cox was on fire with his sarcastic wit, Dr. Kelso (no, not Ashton Kutcher) is hilariously bitter towards every single person at the hospital, there aren’t as many dream sequences but when they are…they are freakin’ funny! Zach Braff’s acting, comedic timing & expressions were perfected this season as well. I don’t think this show would be the same if Braff wasn’t on the show because he’s such a funny & great actor. He actually reminds me of me a little bit. His hair, his humor and trying to make jokes out of awkward situations. That’s me damnit! Plus some of the things he gets himself into, or says, or does happens to me sometimes too. Another part of the show that I like is the Janitor. I love how he picks on JD and shows up at the right moments. I can’t remember, is he an actual person or just a figment of JD’s imagination? I don’t know. All I know is, the guy is funny regardless.

The extras I watched were great and had a lot of funny things in them. The Music Stylings featurette talked about all the music on the show and how important it is to the sitcom. Everyone on the show discussed Ted’s Band, the acapela group on the show who sing songs like the “Charles In Charge” theme. The crew try to pick songs that fit the show, but also have an underground feel to them. Like bands that aren’t famous enough or they used to be, and try to use stuff of theirs. Colin Hay of Men at Work became a person they used a lot and that’s one episode I really remember. Plus I just love the song “Overkill” and had to find that album that song was on after that episode. Other features I watch contained a lot of deleted scenes, outtakes and bloopers stuff. There’s a scene where Donald Faison shoots a basketball and keeps missing it. It’s hilarious to watch! Plus there’s other stuff like that, I love watching actors screwing up their lines. There are a few other bonuses on the DVD set but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I can’t stop watching this season on DVD and so glad it finally arrived on DVD. I remember seeing 50 percent of these episodes on TV so it’s good to go back and watch them straight through. Any fan of the series should go out and buy this, because the quicker you get it; the quicker Disney can go out and release the third season. Also, the 5th season of Scrubs airs on NBC Jan. 6th 2006 at 9pm.

One-On-One with John C. McGinley
Music Stylings – Featurette on Music’s role in the show
Scrubbed Out – Exclusive Deleted Scenes
Practice, Practice, Malpractice – Hilarious Outtakes
Secrets And Lies – Behind-The-Scenes Stories and Jokes
And much more!

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: My Overkill, My New Coat, My Big Brother, My Lucky Day, My Sex Buddy
Rating: NR
Running Time: 479 minutes
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