Scrubs: The Complete Third Season

DVD Reviews | May 10th, 2006

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Starring Zach Braff, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, Judy Reyes, Sarah Chalke, Christa Miller
Written By: Bill Lawrence
Directed By:
Studio: Disney/ Buena Vista
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Hey its the show I really like but never get to watch on TV! Thankfully Disney is releasing these seasons quicker so fans can catch up for the current season. Maybe I’ll actually catch up and figure out when the show is on TV but for now I get to enjoy the show on DVD. If you like the first two seasons of Scrubs, the third season only gets better & funnier!

Scrubs takes place at Sacred Heart Hospital and centers around resident J.D (Zach Braff). Season Three of Scrubs starts off with Elliot having a run-in with an ex-boyfriend, and she ends up realizing that nothing good as happened since she has been at the Hospital for 3 years. She changes the way she thinks, looks and acts and tries to be a better person. I don’t know but how she’s acting differently but she’s definitely looking a lot hotter! She eventually starts to date Sean, one of her ex’s and they get pretty serious. Besides Elliot changing, Carla and Turk are gearing up for their wedding day; but they have some changing to do of their own first. Meanwhile J.D still has feelings for Elliot but she’s with that other guy now. J.D also has to still put up with Dr. Cox and his sarcastic mentoring, and the Janitor’s new ways of tormenting him. Dr. Cox still butts heads with Dr Kelso, but he also has some new doctors to bicker at as well. Some of the things that happen this season are: J.D. has trouble dealing with an on & off again girlfriend, there’s an epiphany toilet on top of the building, J.D’s brother stays with him for awhile and J.D doesn’t like the guy his brother has become, Elliot gives a patient an orgasm during a pelvis exam, and Dr Cox thinks he has a crush on a fellow doctor. There’s obviously more to the season than just those stories but you get the idea…

I don’t know what it was about this season, but I thought it was one of the best seasons of Scrubs. I managed to watch almost the whole season in just under 3 days. I don’t remember the last time I did that. Maybe since there were so many great guest stars on this season made me glued to the TV. The biggest guest star of the season, was the awesome Michael J Fox. I guess since Bill Lawrence co-created Spin City, most of the cast appeared on Scrubs in some way. This season, Michael J Fox, Barry Bostwick, Richard Kind, and Alexander Chaplin of Spin City were guest stars so that’s cool since I like that show a lot too. When the hell are the full seasons coming out for that by the way? Ahh back to Scrubs, other guest stars this season included Tara Reid, Scott Folely, Brendan Fraser, Thomas Cavanagh, Christopher Meloni, Maureen McCormick , George Takei and Erik Estrada. Yeesh that’s a lot of guest stars!

I don’t really remember watching too many episodes when they originally aired. I might have watched like three episodes, so this is basically the first time I’ve seen this season. I couldn’t get enough of the show and just kept continuing on watching the episodes of the season. I thought Zach Braff was the funniest this season, along with John C. McGinley and Neil Flynn. McGinley is always spot on with his sarcastic speeches to everyone. It almost looks like he’s going to lose blood vessels over the way he says his lines sometimes. Like dude, take a breather but that’s what’s funny about his character. I also like when Dr Cox has competition because it shows he’s human after all and actually doesn’t know everything sometimes. I like the responses J.D and Turk give Janitor throughout the season when he tries to trick or torment. They finally know what he’s up to and it’s hilarious seeing him try new and bizarre things to get them to fall for it. I felt Braff was funniest when he was with Tara Reid and he was just so uninterested in her. The things and stuff they said to each other were really funny!

One thing I liked this season was how hot Elliot has been getting. She’s been in some skimpy bikini tops and I think the creators got it right with sexing her character up a little. Well besides making Elliot even hotter than she already was, I liked the site gags and all the dream sequences. Though there seemed to be less of that this year and more of the physical comedy. It seemed like more characters were getting beat up, maimed, injured and anything possible for a laugh and it worked! But one of the main reasons why this show is so great in my mind, is it knows how to walk the line of comedy & drama. Some sitcoms can do it, some can’t and Scrubs is one that totally gets it right!

There seems to be more bonus materials this time around than Season 2. Bill Lawrence is present again and talks about the show in various extras. There are a lot of mini-featurettes, I call them mini because they aren’t THAT long. I can’t really remember too much from all the feaurettes but they were interesting, I just suck and have a bad memory. There’s a gag reel, some commentary, featurettes on Elliot, “Scrub Factor,” about new directors coming on this season and one about all the stunts. Definitely watch this stuff after you are done with the episodes because they show a lot of footage from it.

If you thought the DVDs for Seasons 1 and 2 were good, wait til you watch Season 3 of Scrubs! This could be the funniest & best season so far from Scrubs. It will make you laugh, it will make you cringe, it will make you yell at the Tv screen to J.D for falling in love with Elliot and then screwing that up..again. So go out and get this DVD set now!

One On One – With “The Todd”
Scrubs Factor – How Far Will The Cast & Crew Go On A Dare?
Long-Term Residents – Behind Season Three’s Unforgettable Guest Appearances
The New Elliot – Watch Her Character Go From Pushover To Knockout
Exclusive Unaired Scenes And Hysterical Gag Reel
And Much More!

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 CC



Favorite Scenes: My Journey, My Brother Where Art Thou, My 15 Seconds, My Dirty Secret, My Catalyst, My Moment of Un-Truth
Rating: NR
Running Time: 477 minutes
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