Sealab 2021

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Harry Goz, Erik Estrada, Bill Lobley, Brett Butler, Kate Miller, Debbie DuPree, Ellis Henican Chris Ward
Written By: John J. Miller, Adam Reed, Matt Thompson, Chris Ward
Directed By: Adam Reed, Matt Thompson
Studio: Warner Brothers
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Every so often I stumble upon a show so outrageous and OUT there that I immediately start asking around if people have seen this show, and Sealab 2021 is one of those shows.

Sealab 2020 was an old Hanna Barbera cartoon that no one remembered, or at least me anyway. Now it has been re-dupped and badly animated into new scenes and it’s freakin’ hilarious! Did you ever watch a TV Show with the sound off and just lip sync over it, this is kind of like that. The animation is reused from the old show, but they also re-animated scenes to fit what the character is supposed to be doing. It doesn’t look the greatest but the look isn’t the point of the show.

You can catch this show on the infamous Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. The show is about a crew of stupid morons running a bio station under water and no one is really fit to run this thing. Captain Murphy (Harry Goz..RIP) is the captain of sealab and is like a moronic 7 year old trapped inside a 60 year old man. Then there’s the Spanish heartt hrob, Marco (Voiced by Erik Estrada), the robotic genius and the only logically mind in the whole labe, Dr. Quinn (Brett Butler). No not medicine woman. There’s Sparks (Bill Lobley), the computer person who has a cryptic evil persona, there’s Stormy (Ellis Henican), the dumb pretty boy and Debbie (Kate Miller), the blonde hoochie. Oh yes, and you can’t forget Dolphin Boy! Some little chubby kid who speaks dolphin haha.

I think what makes this show funny is Captain Murphy and his line delivery. Pretty much anything he says makes me laugh. It’s really sad to see the actor, Harry Goz, who voiced him pass away last September. I haven’t seen the 2nd season to know what happens or anything like that. I only briefly saw an episode or 2 before this DVD came out and now I want to catch the 2nd season because I think this show is great. I kind of hope more people do this idea more. Re-mix more crappy 60’s/70’s cartoons and make the show for adults. I think it’s a clever idea. Another great aspect to the show is the stories and writing. If you miss an episode (Which is only 11 minutes long), you can pick up where the next episode is and still laugh your head off. Just like any cartoon or tv show, some episodes are better than others. I think the first episode I,Robot is a good example of what the show is about. They pretty much have a disaster on their hands and they are talking about robotic monkeys haha. I also like how the lab station blows up pretty much every episode haha. Another Episode I enjoyed was when they all got stuck in the Closet and Captain Murphy kept punching everyone in the face.

There is a couple of extras on here but nothing to excited about except the Pitch Pilot episode. the pitch pilot episode was made by the creators and they sent the unsolicted tape to the Network and they loved it. They just overdubbed an old episode of Sealab 2020 and used their voices. Other extras include Alternate endings and deleted scenes from certain episodes like I,Robot and Little Orphan Angry. Plus an uncensored ending from Radio Free Sealab but it’s not what you think. In the final version, they bleep out every word and it’s actually not them cursing at all. Pretty cool to see both versions.

Definitely buy this DVD if you are curious about this show because I found this very funny. Captain Murphy and Stormy were my favorite characters. There’s just something about complete retards that makes me giggle my ass off. I recommend this DVD set.

– Pitch Pilot
– I, Robot: Alternate Endings
– Radio Free Sealab: Uncensored
– Little Orphan Angry:
Deleted Scenes

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: I,Robot, HappyCake, Chickmate, In the Closet, Swimming in Oblivion
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 150 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: