Skate & Surf Fest Vol. 1

DVD Reviews | Sep 3rd, 2005

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Starring Midtown, Piebald, Hot Rod Circuit, Bouncing Souls, Slightly Stoopid, MXPX
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Studio: High Roller Studios
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This is a stereotypical punk rock DVD, but this time, it actually contained bands I like. Piebald, Hot Rod Circuit, Andrew WK and more. The interview segways between bands are boring and generic, but that is kind of expected. The video and audio quality are great, so that’s a big plus. I really wanted this to be a great DVD to watch and the music was, but the interviewing sucked. I feel like the interviewer was just there and really had no personality. (sorry if I offend you). He tried at least.

The extras, well, they were… how do i put this? Stupid! Stupid teenage punk rock kids trying to two step and mosh to NO music on the beach. I had to shut it off. I love Asbury Park, and the theme of Asbury on the DVD in the menu’s and what not was really thoughtful and brought a nice creative bind to the DVD’s purpose.

Just some bad extras and outtakes

Live Footage And Interviews Including:
Midtown – “Like A Movie” & “Give It Up
Hot Rod Circuit – “Fear The Sound” & “Knees”
PieBald – “Long Nights” & “American Hearts”
Andrew WK – “Party Hard” & “We Want Fun”
Slightly Stoopid – “Officer”
MXPX – “Chick Magnet” & “Punk Rawk Show”
Senses Fail – “One Eight Seven” & “Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning”
The Early November – “Sesame Smeshame” & “I Want To Hear You Sad”
The Starting Line – “Bedroom Talk” & “Leaving”
Amor For Sleep – “Being Your Walls” & “My Town”
Boys Night Out – “I Got Punched In The Face For Sticking My Nose In Other People’s Business”
The Bouncing Souls – “The Ballad Of Johnny X” & The Freaks, The Nerds, And The Romantics”
Coheed & Cambria – “Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow)”




Favorite Scenes: Piebald, because I love them, but andrew wk is close because he puts on an amazing SHOW, always!
Rating: NR
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