South Park: The Complete Seventh Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 18th, 2006

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Starring Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Written By: Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Directed By: Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Studio: Paramount
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I really don’t remember this season of South Park. I’ve watch all of the seasons of South Park but can’t really remember any of these episodes for some reason. Maybe I just didn’t know when the new season started or maybe only seen these episodes once. But anyway, South Park is out on DVD again with the seventh season. After finally seeing most of the episodes again or for the first time, I’m not really sure how I feel about the season.

The seventh season starts out with Cartman’s ass satellite getting reactivated. They find out that Earth is just one big reality show, and it’s about to be canceled. Meaning in alien terms, blown up. Of course that doesn’t happen or there wouldn’t be more episodes of South Park. Other episodes of the seventh season include Kyle feeling guilty for taking part in a TPing incident, the town argues about the war in Iraq, Cartman’s hand turns into J-Lo and Ben Affleck loves it, Native Americans take over South Park with their casinos and plan on smashing everyone’s homes, the Queer Eye guys turn into CRAB PEOPLE, Rob Reiner shows up to South Park eating lots of food, Cartman creates a Christian Rock band, and Stan starts hanging out with the goth kids.

I say this in all my reviews and I’ll say it again, South Park could be the best show (besides The Daily Show of course) that delivers great social commentary with all the current events in the world. This season is a perfect example of that because each episode seems to conquer one topic to the next. I don’t think this season was necessarily the best season of South Park, in fact, it might be my least favorite. But I still laughed at the insanity of show and still thinks it’s one of the funniest things on TV. Some of the topics that they cover this time around are: music downloading, Mormons, anti/pro war protests, Beniffer stupidity, Indian casinos, gay fad, smoking, and reality tv. Sometimes the episodes aren’t as funny as others because they are trying to make a point to that topic. I just give them a lot of credit of not holding back anything and just attacking EVERYONE! And to this day they are still in the news with pissing people off about their episodes, which right now is because of the hilarious Scientology episode. Chef will no longer be on the show because he’s part of that cult, I mean religion. And Tom Cruise is throwing a hissy fits over it too it seems. Don’t be out there talking about your kooky religion if you can’t take people making fun of it or attacking it’s retardness. But anyway, we can talk about that stuff once that season hits DVD in a few years.

I think my favorite episode of South Park this season was the Christian Rock Hard episode. Cartman changing love songs and putting Jesus in it is just hysterical because it makes it seem like Cartman is REALLY in love with the J man. And on top of that, the other kids were dealing with music piracy & downloading issues. I think it was great the way they showed how money hungry all the celebs were, and how they couldn’t get their poolside bar now since people are downloading. Great satire! The episode that everyone loves from this season is the Fat Butt and Pancake Head. The episode is a total slam on Jeniffer Lopez & Ben Affleck and the first time I saw it, I completely hated it. I think people are still 50/50 on it. It’s just so stupid but funny at the same time. The more I see it, the more I like it. I think the season started out slow but got really funny when they did the “South Park is Gay” episode. The Queer Eye guys turn into crab people and it’s just so RANDOM and weird. But as soon as that episode was done, I started saying “crab people” to my friends. I’m sure that’s another episode that is 50/50 with the fans. Those episodes are the most notable ones out of this season.

South Park Season Seven has a few good gems but I felt let down after this season. Usually there are more than a couple of stand-out episodes but this time, I find it harder to find more episodes that I liked. Definitely listen to the mini-commentary with Matt & Trey because it’s always entertaining. I always end up listening to them because I want to hear what they think about each episode. Plus they are are only like 3 minutes long each so if you want to watch the episodes, just skip back to the beginning. Definitely listen to the commentary for the episodes about downloading, Rob Reiner and J Lo. If you like this season of South Park, then go out and buy this. Personally, I think this season wasn’t that funny but was great with social commentary. I can’t wait for Season 8 because that’s when the show gets really good I think. The anime episode is one of my favorites.


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Favorite Scenes: I’m a little bit country, fat butt and pancake head, south park is gay, christian rock hard, all about mormons, butt out
Rating: NR
Running Time: 330 minutes
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