Stephen Lynch- Live at El Rey

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Stephen Lynch, Mark Teich, Drew Lynch
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Studio: Razor & Tie
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Comedian/Songwriter Stephen Lynch is known for creating great songs and then adding his own sick twisted humor to each number. With his brand new DVD, “Live at El Rey,” Lynch brings an awesome experience which shows the best way to see Lynch perform. Hearing the songs on the CDs are amusing and funny but witnessing the horrific turn in each song live is priceless. Not to mention, his buddy Mark Teich helps out on a few songs and makes this comic duo hilarious. I wish Mark T. would appear on more songs. They have great stage presence and feed off each other well. Lynch though can handle all the fun on his own.

Fans who know of Stephen, should be familiar with his past records “A Little Bit Special.” and “Superhero.” Also, with the help of Radio’s Opie and Anthony, and Stephen’s highly rated Comedy Central Presents special, Lynch has seen himself become a national story. Mixing folk, country, and rock along with comedy, a great time is to be had by all. With over 70 minutes of live footage, fans can now enjoy Stephen’s outrageous show in their own home. Still go out and see him live, because it’s not to be missed. Some of the songs featured in the set were known classics such as “Special,” “Gay,” and “Superhero.” With “Superhero” the audience at one point is to volunteer their own superheroes, which makes the show out of control sometime. Fans can get pretty disgusting and cruel with some of their selections. I don’t like when fans just use the same superheroes as heard on the cd’s. Be creative you dopes! Don’t forget to check out the new tracks that haven’t been heard on cd before like “Baby,” “Drink You Pretty,” and my new favorite “Craig.” I can’t tell you about the song because it spoils the jokes. Other favorite moments of the DVD include most of the songs with Mark Teich like every guy’s anthem “She’s Gotta Smile,” and “D&D,” for you nerds out there. Expect to be laughing throughout.

Extras on the disk were pretty funny as well. Some bonus songs with Stephen, Mark Teich and Drew Lynch. Stephen’s brother Drew has some pretty good chops as well and I can see him touring with his brother in the future. I also enjoyed the Video Tour Diary, with Stephen and Mark on the road. Some silly moments and some that are hilarious. I was looking forward to more footage of the diary than what was on it. Other features on the extras section were studio footage, more live songs, lyrics, setlists, flyers. The best was a piece called “Trick on Teich,” which was pretty goddamn funny. It’s really brutal but you can’t help to laugh your ass off. A few clips of “Who Are We Kidding,” Lynch’s comedy troupe from college and it was weird to see them look young and Mark Teich looked scary. Ha Ha.

Overall, Stephen Lynch is an outstanding performer and comedian. Look out for him, if you haven’t caught on yet. You won’t regret it.

Not Home
Talk To Me
Drink You Pretty
Taxi Driver
Love Song
For The Ladies
She Gotta Smile
Best Friends Song
Classic Rock

– Bonus songs: For Me, Gangster Cowboy, Gary Foster
– Commentary Track with Stephen, Mark Teich and Drew Lynch
– Jim Henson’s Dead recorded live in NYC, 1997
– in the studio recording Lullaby
– Exclusive video tour diary and more!




Favorite Scenes: She Gotta Smile, Baby, Craig, D&D, Talk to Me, Superhero
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 70 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: