Survivor: Outback – Season 2

DVD Reviews | Jun 1st, 2005

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Starring Jeff Probst and a bunch of people
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One of the most groundbreaking reality television shows is now available to own on DVD, featuring Jeff Probst as the host and a group of 16 castaways striving for the ultimate goal, sole survivor and winner of $1 million dollars. Featuring all 15 episodes, including special bonus episodes, Survivor has proven time and time again that it is the best reality show on

Each season, 16 new castaways from all over the US are picked to compete in a battle of wits, brawn and brains as the second season of Survivor takes us to the Australian Outback. Outwit, Outlast and Outplay is the moniker for the series as this season you must do that exactly. With a variety of people on the show, there are always the typical characters. The physical type
players like Colby, Michael S, Jeff, and Alicia are some of the most prominent players in the Outback. Don’t forget the loud, obnoxious outspoken types as well which included actress-wannabe Jerri Manthey, Kimmi and Keith the cook, who could not even start a fire or cook rice.

Some memorable moments on season two included the infamous accusation of Kel, the army soldier, of smuggling beef jerky from a starving camp, which of course involved, Jerri. Also, Michael Skupin’s incident when he feel asleep and fell into the fire burning himself and having to be airlifted off the show. A scary moment which Michael recovered from, but traumatizing
nonetheless. As far as best seasons go for Survivor, I would rank this three or four amongst all the seasons so far. Colby was destined to win but made a big mistake bringing Tina with him into the final two, who turned out to be the winner. I don’t think she deserved it. She was quiet and fairly weak throughout the show, not winning competitions or rewards. When you think of
Survivor you think of someone who can hack it mentally and physically. Colby should have won. I suppose he was being generous involving someone nice to go to the end with him. Another tough thing of making it to the final two is having to piss some people off on the way up. Unfortunately for him, he had to face those people he booted out for the jury deliberation on the finale.
That is why Tina won. She “flew under the radar” as spoken so frequently on that show because of her quietness and ability not to get in anyone’s way. I was a bit shocked when they announced Tina to be the winner. Colby, I am sure, has more than made up the money he lost by finishing second place. He got a brand new car from the show, and has been seen in several commercials.
I guess he’s the winner.

Extras on this six disc set includes audio commentaries by various cast members and the host, Jeff Probst. Each cast member usually would do commentary when it involves a big storyline for them, whether getting burned or getting voted out at tribal council. A special disc of just the greatest and most outrageous moments in the season is on its own disc so that you can
recap what an outrageous season it was. On top of that,you can go into Keith Famie’s kitchen and watch him cook Paella. Exciting. Other featurettes include “Survivor The Australian Outback,” which takes a look back at the season, along with “The Luxury Items,” and “Dining Survivor Style.”

Overall, I really enjoyed the second season of Survivor. Though, I enjoyed the first season and all star edition much more, this cast was fun to watch and interesting with all the fighting and drama. Now, that Survivor has been on quite a few years now, I expect them to kick it up a notch and make the game even harder since fans can study the show. I’m sure Mark Burnett, the
creator, has something up his sleeve.

Audio Commentary on 6 episodes by combinations of: Rodger Bingham, Amber
Brkich, Alicia Calaway, Colby Donaldson, Keith Famie, Kimmi Kappenberg, Tina
Wesson, Jeff Probst, and Michael Skupin.

Four Brand-New Featurettes:

Surviving The Australian Outback: A look back. Highlights include the Kucha
being washed away by flash floods, Michael Skupin being burned and having to
leave camp, a look at the lasting friendships that were made and how the
game changed the castaways’ lives forever.

The Luxury Items: Each of the castaways was allowed to bring one luxury
item; some were practical and others not. A look at why some of the items
were brought and how they ended up being used.

Dining: Survivor Style: How the castaways found themselves eating unusual
foods, including bugs and worms, how they survived hunger while playing the
game and what foods they missed the most.

Keith Famie’s Paella: Although a professional gourmet chef, Keith had a
difficult time making rice in the Outback. Now he sets the record straight
and prepares a wonderful paella in his kitchen. A step-by-step demonstration
with text recipe is included.

Special Bonus Disc; Previously Unreleased: “The Greatest And Most Outrageous

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: The Most Deserving, Let’s Make a Deal, The Merge, Suspicion
Rating: NR
Running Time: 902 minutes
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