Team America: World Police (Uncensored and Unrated Special Collector’s Edition)

DVD Reviews | May 10th, 2005

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Starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Kristen Miller, Daran Norris, Phil Hendrie, Maurice LaMarche, Masasa
Written By: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Directed By: Trey Parker
Studio: Paramount
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FUCK YEAH! One of the funniest and completely outrageous movies of 2004 is now on DVD! I saw Team America twice in theaters, and happy to see it finally on DVD.

Team America was written and directed by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and is about an elite team of counter terrorism agents who police the world. They fight bad guys all over the world and blows lots of shit up. Team America’s leader Spottswoode (Daran Norris) recruits Gary Johnston (Trey Parker), who’s a Broadway musical actor with no military or special ops training. Gary doesn’t know if he can fit in and do the job they want him to do. Lisa (Kristen Miller), one of the team members falls for Gary; but another member also likes Gary, so conflict erupts among the group. They have to put that aside if they want to defeat the terrorists. Team America finds out that North Korean leader Kim Jong IL is the mastermind behind all the terrorist attacks so they have to bring him down. Kim Jong IL enlists the help of Hollywood’s elite liberal actors who are in the Film Actors Guild, headed by the brilliant, greatest actor in the world Alec Baldwin (Maurice LaMarche). There’s George Clooney, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Samuel L Jackson, Tim Robbins and Matt Damon… “MATT DAMON.” Team America ends up getting captured and it’s up to Gary to save the day.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, puppets are scary but you have to see this movie! It’s completely offensive, crude, and just totally awesome! Matt and Trey on South Park for years have been making a statement politically and socially. So I’m not surprised to see them make this movie filled with politics bashing, and making fun of every action known to man, but mostly just Jerry Bruckheimer movies.. This isn’t some anti-right wing movie because they go after the extreme left as well. They probably attack liberals more and I’m kind of happy for that. It just seems they don’t get picked on as much. Trey and Matt show how stupid everyone really is, especially actors who think they know what they are talking about when it comes to politics. I’m sure everyone is happy to see how they treat Michael Moore in this movie. I’m curious to see how all the actors felt about this movie. Well I know how Sean Penn feels since he publicly wrote a letter to Matt and Trey. That douchebag honestly has no sense of humor. I hope Trey and Matt keep making fun of him.

I honestly don’t think the movie would have been funny at all if it was live action, or not as funny if it was animated. Just seeing the puppets makes this movie hilarious. I thought I would be scared of the puppets since I was afraid of the TV show Thunderbirds. I still can’t watch that show. Seeing puppets try to fight is some funny shit! What’s even funnier is seeing puppets drive on human size roads, vomiting for 5 minutes straight or having sex in every position you can think of. About the only difference between the uncut version and the regular version is the sex scene. Believe it or not, there’s more scenes added to the infamous sex scene involving Gary and Lisa. Like a golden shower, tossing salad and shizer scenes. Ha-ha. That’s too funny! Here’s the line, and there is Matt and Trey way over it. Gotta give them praise for that and not holding back anything.

The other thing that makes this movie hilarious is the songs. Trey Parker & Matt Stone have been making up funny songs on South Park for years and they give us some gems in this movie as well. The Team America theme song “America, Fuck Yeah!” is amusing the first time you hear it. You’ll get that song stuck in your head in no time. I love the song where they make fun of every country song that’s out today called “Freedom isn’t Free.” I think it’s pretty much making fun of Toby Keith but I’m not sure because I don’t know shit about country music. Other songs that I found hysterical were I’m So Ronely sung by Kim Jong IL, a song about Pearl Harbor sucking ass, and a typical 80’s montage song. Listen to the lyrics closely to the songs when watching the movie. They’re a riot.

How are the extras? They were actually pretty good because you get to see how everything is made and developed. You can see how the puppets are made, how the miniature sets are built, and how the action is done. The deleted/ extended scenes and outtakes were decent as well. Spottswoode had some funny lines in this one extended scene. That scene should have been added back into the film but I can see why some things were cut. I would have liked to see a featurette on the making of the songs and soundtrack though. That’s part of the humor in the movie so I was surprised to not see something on there about the songs. Other than that, there’s some puppet test and other neat things in the special features for you to look at.

Overall, I didn’t laugh as much the 3rd and 4th time around but that will happen with any comedy I watch a million times. I think the novelty of seeing puppets fight or screw wears off after awhile. But, I still think the movie was one of the funniest movies of the year along with Anchorman, Dodgeball and Eurotrip. Team America: World Police is worth owning if you enjoyed the movie. If you haven’t seen it already, just don’t let your kids watch this. Though if you do, I would love to see the expressions on your faces when you see certain scenes hahaha.

9 Featurettes
10 Deleted/Extended Scenes & Outtakes
6 Animated Storyboards
2 Theatrical Trailers




Favorite Scenes: Blowing up France, Infamous Sex Scene, Im so Ronely scene, Michael Moore and celebrity scenes, Vomiting scene, Deadly panthers scene.
Rating: R
Running Time: 97 minutes
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Overall Rating: