That 70’s Show: Season 1

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, Kurtwood Smith, Wilmer Vilderama, Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson, Mila Kunis
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Studio: Fox
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That 70’s Show, the hit Fox TV show about teenagers living in the 70’s in the middle of Wisconsin, is now available for the first time with the complete first season. If you haven’t caught the classic first season, then you are missing out.

Join Eric, Hyde, Kelso, Fez, Donna, and Jackie as they try to be normal teenagers in the 1970’s. Imagine all that was during that time period and relive it on the show, like bell bottoms, disco, spinning records.. man, and smoking a big fat doobie. Packed with all 25 episodes, fans can go back and see how the show began and how all the characters have developed and been changed during the course of the show, except for Kelso. He still is a big dope. Eric and Donna progress as a couple and go through those wonderful up and down’s everyone loves. Fez is one character that gets to be more popular throughout the years. Known as Fez, no one really knows his name because he’s the foreign kid and no one can pronounce his real name. Fez is somewhat of a hopeless case. Always trying to get woman, he fails miserably. Also, Fez is the loser of the group, always tagging along as the third wheel. Then there is Kelso and Jackie. During the first season, they were dating and Kelso was busy cheating like usual and Jackie being a spoiled little brat. Bound for the dumper right off the bat. The show centers mostly around Eric Foreman and his family. I love the dad, Red, played excellently by Kurtwood Smith. You feel bad his Dad constantly calls him a dumbass and but it’s too damn funny not to laugh. Also Red threatening to shove his foot up his ass, ahh too funny.So throughout the first season, Eric is trying to date Donna, a longtime childhood friend who now has grown up into a hot redhead. Kelso tries to stay with Jackie, but at the same time has a wandering eye, and get himself in trouble as much as possible. Hyde, the radical thinking hippy rocker of the bunch, spends the time dealing with a dysfunctional family life, and getting kicked out of the house. He then moves in with the Foreman’s. It is better that way for his character. More involved with the show than living elsewhere. Rounding out the cast, is the parents. They provide some of the best laughs of the show because they are hilarious. I bet everyone out there has one of the parents with similiar qualities. Mine is Eric’s mother. My mom hates to admit it but she acts that way sometimes. Kitty is a hoot.

Looking at the extras, there are a few on here. Nothing substantial. A nice little featurette “Hello Wisconsin! Season One” featuring cast interviews, clips of the many funny characters on the show along with yes folks, a montage of clips. Ah the montage. Also, you can test your knowledge of the show with a That 70’s Show trivia contest and plenty of show promos.

Overall, That 70’s Show is hilarious. If you are a someone who grew up in the 70’s, you will smile and enjoy this more than the younger kids that grew up later not knowing what eight-track tapes are, or bell bottoms. Regardless of the time, the show is funny. The first season is a great way to be introduced to a crop of characters like this and watching the later seasons, the show gets repetitive and kind of old.





Favorite Scenes: A New Hope, Punk Chick, Eric’s Burger Job, Career Day
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Running Time: 575 minutes
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