That 70’s Show: Season 3

DVD Reviews | Nov 23rd, 2005

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Starring Topher Grace, Lisa Robin Kelly, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Tanya Roberts, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Don Stark, Wilmer Valderrama
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Studio: 20th Century Fox
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Another That 70’s Show season, another DVD. I watched this show up until last season. I think it’s in the final season now, minus Eric and Kelso. Personally, I don’t think the show should have continued after those two have left. Eric was the heart & soul of the show and revolved around him. But season three DVD is out now and is a good example of the show in it’s prime.

That 70’s Show revolves around Eric Forman and his family & friends. They live in Wisconsin, and well it’s in the 70’s. DUH! Eric dates Donna, the red head from next door. Red & Kitty are his parents and have to deal with all Eric’s friends coming and going thru their house all the time. Kitty handles it better than Red since he’s a grumpy bastard. But that’s what makes him great! Each episode deals with various situations involving the kids, or stuff in the 70’s. Not every episode is totally 70’s oriented, which makes the show more enjoyable and not awful like That 80’s show. “It’s a portable phone!” Blech. But anyway, season three starts off with Red getting pissed off that Hyde got arrested for ganja possession. He feels he’s getting too lenient so he sets up new house rules, which makes Eric, his friends and even Kitty even more crazed. Meanwhile, Jackie starts to fall for Hyde and annoys him constantly about it, and he can’t stand it. Kelso is still hooking up with Eric’s sister and trying to get Jackie back, Fez finally scores a girlfriend, and Hyde’s long lost deadbeat Father comes back into his life..for a little awhile anyway.

I liked how the third season finally explored the drug use. For some odd reason, I didn’t realize at first, that they were smoking up in “the circle.” I just thought they were talking and burning other things. Yes I’m a moron, I know. I didn’t think Fox would have that on a show but I like how the kids finally got caught for doing it. I liked it because it makes for funny TV. Seeing Red torture everybody with boobie traps around the house is some funny shit! I might have to use some of those boobie traps if I ever end up having kids. The fan favorite “Dine and Dash” is on this season and I loved that episode when it originally aired. I wish I could do that when I go out to eat but I’m too nice to do that. There’s a lot of good episodes on here like “”Eric’s Drunken Tattoo,” “The Trials of M. Kelso,” “Red Sees Red,” “Eric’s Panties,” and “Ice Shack.” People seem to like the Halloween episode that is a homage to all Hitchcock movies but I found it boring. I hate when they do their dream sequences. Most of them are just awkwardly bad. I guess most of them are suppose to be bad, like the thing they are spoofing. I like when the show is just doing their thing and not doing wacky things like that. I wouldn’t really know where to stick the third season, versus the other seasons. I liked season two a lot, but I like each season as it progresses. It seems the writing, and the characters get better with each season. Season three is definitely as funny as the other seasons.

The extras on the DVD set are spread out on all the discs. I like that you can watch optional intros with certain cast members like Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama and Debra Jo Rupp. I’d rather watch intros to episodes instead of listen to full commentaries. But audio commentary is available on a lot of episodes. There’s a good featurette that’s about the third season. It has funny highlights, interviews with the cast and writers of the show and more! In a nutshell, that’s about it for the extras.

The third season is just as good as the previous seasons and I can’t wait for the next DVD set to come out. Maybe Topher Grace or that other dude who’s banging Demi Moore will participate on the next DVD. But if not, I’ll still enjoy the DVDs.

A Look Back at Season Three Featurettes
Commentary on Selected Episodes
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Season 3 Program Reviews

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Favorite Scenes: Dine and Dash, Eric’s Drunken Tattoo, The Trials of M. Kelso, Red Sees Red, Eric’s Panties, Ice Shack
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Running Time: 575 minutes
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