The Best of Colbert Report

DVD Reviews | Nov 9th, 2007

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Starring Stephen Colbert
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Studio: Paramount/Comedy Central
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Just like the Daily Show, I try to catch Colbert Report when I can. Sometimes I want to watch something else like Futurama & Family Guy so I don’t get to see every episode. I think The Colbert Report is a hilarious political satire show and just as good as the Daily Show. It may be even better than The Daily Show, depends on who you talk to though.

Stephen Colbert was on the Daily Show for many years and I just knew he was going to go onto his own thing. He just had great charisma and was really freakin’ hilarious. He often filled in for Jon Stewart when he was sick or on vacation so I knew he would be a great TV host. Colbert Report is a satire to such conservative talk shows like the O’Reilly Factor. Stephen Colbert has made his on-air persona quite hilarious because he’s such a cynical, self-important conservative that you can’t but help but laugh at what he says. He has segments in his show called the “The Word,” where he talks about a subject and subtitles say what he really thinks. He interviews his guest, and he lets them sit over by a table. He makes his way over to the table as his guest wait, and he gets the crowd to cheer for him. It’s quite comical to see the guest sitting there trying to figure out what’s going on. There’s other things on the show as well, but it’s definitely one of the best shows Comedy Central has put together since..well the Daily Show.

This DVD has over 2 hours worth of Colbert’s best material from his show so far. You have a few segments of “The Word,” a few hysterical, cringe-inducing interviews with some politicians and some great segments like “The Green Screen Challenge” and “Guitarmageddon.” I remember watching the Green Screen Challenge on and off when it aired. I thought it was great that George Lucas came on and presented his own version. And what was even funnier, is that he lost. I also thought most of the contestants had better presentations than George Lucas & company had. It was a really great way to get the viewers involved with the show. I just hope they do more of those Green Screen Challenges in future episodes.

The Guitarmageddon thing was a result of the Decemberists ripping off Colbert’s idea with the GSC. So Colbert called them out on it and wanted one of them to appear on the show. Guitarist Chris Funk showed up hoping to compete against Colbert, only to compete against Peter Frampton instead. It wasn’t as funny as the Green Screen Challenge but it was still made me laugh. I honestly don’t know how Colbert doesn’t crack up at what he’s says sometimes. I would be cracking up if I said the stuff he says to some people in the interviews. I wonder why they agree to come on the show; maybe they know it’s a joke?

This DVD would be great to buy if you’re depressed about the Writer’s Strike. Granted it’s only 2+ hours of Stephen Colbert’s best moments, at least you can watch it over and over. I hope Comedy Central & Paramount start to release more DVDs from Colbert Report & Daily Show!

The Word (Including Merriam-Webster’s 2006 Word Of The Year, Truthiness)
Better Know A District
Green Screen Challenge
Stephen Jr. – Flight Of A Patriot
“Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly Enters The Eagle’s Nest
Cooking with Feminists
And More

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Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Green Screen Challenge, Barney Frank interview, Guitarmageddon
Rating: NR
Running Time: 160 minutes
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