The Bouncing Souls: Live at the Glasshouse

DVD Reviews | Oct 30th, 2005

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Starring The Bouncing Souls
Written By:
Directed By: Nate Weaver
Studio: Kung Fu Records
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The Show Must Go Off is now in it’s 19th episode, and seems to be doing well with getting some great bands to perform for DVD series. Some of my favorites from the series so far have been Reel Big Fish, Pistol Grip, One Man Army, Dancehall Crashers and now the Bouncing Souls. Bouncing Souls are one of my favorite bands and I was really looking forward to seeing this live concert DVD.

This isn’t the Bouncing Souls first DVD, but their second. Last year or so, they released on Chunksaah Records, an excellent documentary DVD. It showed the history of the band over their 20+ years of being in band, the up and downs plus there was tons of concert footage from different shows at various stages of the band’s tenure. I liked that DVD a lot but in the end, I was disappointed because it didn’t have a full concert on there. Well my hopes, and I’m sure others’ hopes as well, have been answered and now you can own a full concert DVD of the Bouncing Souls!

This concert was filmed in February of last year in Pomona, California. I think if the Souls were going to do a live concert DVD, they’d do it on the east coast since that’s where they are from n all. The Souls start off with Apartment 5F, which is off their newest album “Anchors Aweigh.” i’m hoping they get some new material soon, it’s been awhile. To me, they seemed to play a lot of the songs they don’t normally play. I kind of wished they played some better songs than the ones they chose. But either way, I’m just glad they have a live concert DVD. They also seemed a little bit rusty, and screwed up some parts of the songs for a few of them. That’s punk rock though! At one point in the show, someone stepped on or threw a bottle on Pete’s guitar pedal/amp/whatever, and it delayed them playing the next song. Not really sure why they put that on the DVD, but it was sort of cool seeing them trying to deal with it while the problem got fixed. I’ve noticed it’s always difficult for bands to kill time when equipment fucks up. Bands need to have some sort of back up plan when that happens. Like bring out some midgets on unicycles or a girl who shoots ping pong balls out of her who-ha. The band cruised through a lot of songs but some of the standout ones for me, were off the albums from Hopeless Romantic and How I Spent My Summer Vacation. How I Spent My Summer Vacation is their best album in my opinion. I liked their newest album but it seemed different. More dark and slower I think. But anyway…

The concert looked great on DVD, like always, with The Show Must Go Off DVDs. There’s band commentary which is always fun to listen to, and the Bouncing Souls are funny guys so it was a good commentary track. There’s some extra footage of the Souls actually practicing since they don’t practice they say. You see them at a BBQ as well. A few other little things to check out on the DVD but I never got around to it. If the Bouncing Souls are a band that you like, than this is something you need to get. I thought the DVD was pretty good, but I was a little unhappy with some songs they played and ones they didn’t end up playing. But I can’t get everything in life. Still worth getting that’s for sure.

Extra Footage
Band Commentary Track
Trailer for “Do You Remember?” Bouncing Souls documentary

1. Apartment 5F
2. The Ballad of Johnny
3. That Song
4. Cracked
5. Kids andiHeroes
6. Kid
7. That Something Special
8. Punksiin Vegas
9. Argyle
10. I Like Your Mom
11. Private Radio
12. Born Fee
13. No Rules
14. East Coast Fuck You
15. Highway Kings
16. Quick Check Girl
17. Anchors Aweigh
18. Say Anything
19. K8 Is Great
20. Hopeless Romantic
21. Night On Earth
22. Sing Along Forever
23. Gone
24. True Believers
25. Manthem

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Standard 1.33:1 Color

English, Japanese

Favorite Scenes: That Song, That Something Special, Private Radio, Quick Check Girl, Hopeless Romantic, Gone, True Believers
Rating: NR
Running Time: 0 minutes
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