The Buzzcocks: Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 2003

DVD Reviews | Feb 9th, 2006

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Starring The Buzzcocks
Written By:
Directed By: Dave Meehan
Studio: Music Video Distributors
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I sadly never really listened to the Buzzcocks until 2 years ago. I’ve grown to really like the band now and been trying to get all their albums. The Buzzcocks are one of the longest running punk bands & still rockin’ out and recording new CDs as we speak (think new album out soon called Flat-Pack Philosophy”). This DVD was recorded at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire in 2003. Shepherds Bush Empire is a great club to see a show, and I was there in December to see the Levellers. The club is really nice, and the sound is top notch. So the filming at this venue for this DVD was a perfect choice, I think. The concert was directed & produced by Dave Meehan and he seems to have done a lot of the British bands like English Beat & Bad Manners. The quality is awesome, and really great for a concert DVD.

The DVD opens up with some montage shots of London, and then goes to the stage with the blue lights illuminating. The band plays a total of 32 songs and that’s pretty impressive for a bunch of old punkers, and it’s great for fans to hear all these songs on the DVD too! The band opens the long set with “Boredom.” They are looking mighty old but they still put on quite the rockin’ show! Pete’s voice isn’t what it used to sound like but, everyone has to grow up one of these days. It seems the show would have been a lot more in person, but you can say that about any show really. At one point in the set, I forget what song, the band kept screwing up the beginning of the song because they were playing the wrong song. I guess the band had different set lists. I can see where that would be confusing haha. One of the best Buzzcocks’ song played that night was one of my favorites, “Harmony In My Head” sung by Steve. I know I heard this song growing up but never knew who played it. Just a classic punk song. The other classic song that sounded awesome was my all-time favorite Buzzcocks’ song “Ever Fallen In Love With (You Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With).” I’m sure it’s everyone’s all time favorite Buzzcocks song. Every other band has covered it like Anti-Flag, Pete Yorn (for Shrek 2) and other bands I can’t think of at the moment. Other notable songs that they play are “I Don’t mind,” “Battery,” “Fast Cars,” “You Say You Don’t Love Me” and “What Do I Get (Another popular Buzzcocks song).”

If you are a Buzzcocks fan and can’t get a chance to see the band touring, then why not get the next best thing…this DVD! There’s a shitload of songs, the video & audio quality is great, plus there’s some interviews on here as well. I really don’t mind, mind, mind, mind buying this..Ok that was lame, sorry. Just get this, ok fuckers!

Exclusive Interview

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Boredom, I Don’t mind, Battery, Harmony In My Head, Ever Fallen In Love, You Say You Don’t Love Me, What Do I Get
Rating: NR
Running Time: 206 minutes
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