The Jeff Foxworthy Show- The Complete First Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Jeff Foxworthy, Haley Joel Osmont, Anita Barone, Matt Borlenghi, Matt Clark, Steve Hytner, Jay Mohr, Dakin Matthews,
Written By: a few people
Directed By: a few people
Studio: Columbia/Tristar
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Yes, I admit it. I’m a Jeff Foxworthy fan. And yes, I also admit to actually watching this show. Though I didn’t watch it when it aired normally but in syndication on the USA Network when they had a whole lineup of cancelled TV Shows. It made my mornings in college easier I guess.

The Jeff Foxworthy Show season 1 is different than season 2. Season 2 there is a new wife and there’s Haley Joel Osmont and the kid from Jerry Maguire, and it’s located in Georgia. I think I actually like season 2 a lot better because Jeff’s father is Captain Harris from Police Academy, and Bill Engvall is in it. Plus the episodes are funnier, from what I can remember. This season is located in Indiana and Jeff owns a heating and air company. He’s a hardworking husband, has a caring wife named Karen (Anita Barone) who’s a nurse I believe, and has a little kid, Matt (Haley Joel Osmont). He works with 2 nutcases Walt (Matt Clark) and Russ (Matt Borlenghi) who aren’t exactly the smartest guys in the world. In later episodes, Jeff’s younger, more wilder brother Wayne (Jay Mohr) shows up and causes havoc among the Foxworthy household.

I forget what station Jeff Foxworthy show originally aired but like I said before, I only remember it from the USA Network. I also only remember a few shows like the Gene Pool, the halloween episode, and a remember Jay Mohr on the show. I think I remember more episodes from Season 2. But I was happy when I read this was coming to DVD because I wanted to check out the show and see how it held up after 9 years. The show seems like a typical sitcom. The generic opening with the casts, and at the end of it, Jeff taking a sip of coffee. “Because he was MYYYY butler.” Nice “Jerry” reference right? But they stopped playing that in some of the later episodes. Even some of the jokes seem really set up or generic, but there’s also a lot of material that I find really funny. Obviously Jeff Foxworthy is the funniest on the show since he’s been doing comedy for years. Jay Mohr is also funny guy and Haley Joel Osmont can act out a joke decently. I still can’t stand that kid though. And I love the bickering between Jeff and his Father-in-law. Those episodes were the stand out ones I think. I think in the early episodes, Jeff went out of his way to make a redneck joke, but if he just acted naturally and did a joke subtly, it would have worked better. But that’s sort of the point behind the show though, a free forum to do all the redneck jokes you want. I still laugh at all those redneck jokes. Some I can relate to, and some I can’t.

I hope Season 2 gets released eventually because from what I remember it was the funnier of the seasons, but season 1 still has a lot of funny episodes. I wish there was some extras on here like audio commentary with Foxworthy, or a retrospective look back or something like that. But fans of redneck humor and Jeff Foxworthy might want to buy this DVD but I can see why it was cancelled. Hey, I still enjoyed watching these episodes though.


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Favorite Scenes: A Womb with a View; With two you get Cow’s Milk; Before you say “no”, just hear me out; Moonstruck
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 406 minutes
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