The Office: Season 2 (US)

DVD Reviews | Sep 23rd, 2006

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Starring Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Angela Kinsey
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Studio: Universal/NBC
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After a somewhat successful short 1st season, The Office really comes into its own during its 2nd season, available on DVD now. Based off of the dry, extremely funny British sitcom, America has adapted their own version and really developed a great counterpart. Steve Carell and the surrounding cast are excellent playing off each other, and the episodes get funnier and funnier.

Steve Carell plays Michael Scott, Manager of the Dundler-Mifflin Paper Supply Company in Scranton, PA. The style of the show is set up as a mock documentary or as we say it in the biz “Mockumentary.” The premise is that a film crew follows Michael around the office as he gives them an inside look at their office. It also shows what goes on with the politics of the office, and the people involved. Pretty much the same idea from the Ricky Gervais’ British version, but for me personally, has branched out separately and can be held on its own.

During the 2nd season, we find the office in its usual self; discriminatory, back biting, crazy office parties, and anything else offensive one might find troubling. For the most part, its all thanks to dopey boss, Michael Scott. At times you think, can he really be that stupid? He’s a guy who will take a joke too far, or just tell the wrong joke for a work environment. Also, I find him endearing. I think he can be stupid at times but it’s because he just doesn’t know any better. Continuing from the 1st season tease of the Jim-Pam relationship, the office friends still drive the audience crazy with “will they or won’t they.” I guess the problem with this all is Pam’s fianc, Roy. He works downstairs in the shipping docks, and he’s somewhat of a jerk who takes a great girl for granted. It gets especially frustrating for Jim, whom you can tell is madly in love for Pam. Pam knows she has feelings for Jim but because she is engaged holds back those feelings. So Jim must pretend he’s happy she is getting married, and actually setting a date for their wedding. There are some great episodes during this 2nd season, most of which feature the great Steve Carell doing what he does best. With the season premiere of “The Dundies” in which Michael hosts an awards ceremony for the staff at a local Chilis, or where Michael gets injured at home by burning his foot on a George Foreman grille and making a bigger deal of it than most people would. It’s also nice to see the staff leave that stuffy office, like going on a Booze Cruise, or joining Michael at an ice rink for his birthday.

Not to mention hilarious episodes, but the extras were hysterical as well. Extras feature deleted scenes for each episode as well as a great blooper reel, an exclusive Webisodes featuring the Accountants of Dundler-Mifflin. It was nice to see some of the other cast members getting a little bit of screen time. I also enjoyed the Fake PSAs mocked after the NBC PSAs, and the Faces of Scranton video Steve Carell’s character made for the Managers meeting in the Valentine Day episode. Overall, the features have plenty of content and it’s worth checking out.

By watching this whole series again, I can tell why it won the Emmy for Best Comedy this year. Funny, dry, edgy are some of the words to describe the show, and one of the funniest comedies on TV today. Steve Carell has really blown up over the last two years with The Office, and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Plus the ensemble cast is excellent like John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer.

-Deleted Scenes
-Blooper Reel
-Episode Commentaries
-Webisodes from
-Fake PSAs
-Steve on Steve

-ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

-Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic)

English, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: The Dundies, The Fire, Christmas Party, Booze Cruise, The Injury, Dwights Speech, Michaels Birthday, Casino Night
Rating: NR
Running Time: 477 minutes
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