The Selecter: Live From London

DVD Reviews | Sep 10th, 2005

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Starring The Selecter
Written By:
Directed By: Dave Meehan
Studio: Music Video Distribution
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I never got into the Selecter like I did for the other 2-tone bands. But I liked a few songs here and there while I was big into the ska scene. I wasn’t a fan of female singing ska bands that much back then. Now, much older and wiser than I was, I can appreciate the band more. Likewise with The Beat and Bad Manners, The Selecter have a special skankable live DVD for all you rudeboys and rudegirls to watch & skank around your living rooms.

The Selecter: Live in London DVD was filmed at Dingwalls in London and produced & directed by Dave Meehan. I believe this was filmed around the winter of 2002. The 2-tone band starts off the set with an instrumental, “The Selecter,” which is all right for an intro but I’d rather have the band go right into a faster, more upbeat song to get the crowd moving. I don’t like when bands play intros & instrumentals to start their sets. You gotta go BOOM and start playing fast. They should have played “Three Minute Hero” first because I love that song. That was the first song that got me into the Selecter but my favorite is “On My
Radio.” Throughout the set, they go through some classic songs like “Everyday,” “Missing Words,” “On My Radio,” “Too Much Pressure,” and a cover of “Carry Go Bring Come.” Pauline Black can still sing great, and the band overall sounds excellent! I prefer the more upbeat songs to the slower ones, like I do for any band. From watching this DVD, makes me want to get all of the Selecter albums. I think I might own one album or so. The video quality is just as good as the other concert DVDs from the other ska bands I recently reviewed. I’d really love to see a Madness live DVD come out next, considering they just came out with a new album. The audio for the DVD is great and so is the picture quality. That’s important with me when it comes to music DVDs. I don’t like the concerts where it looks like a bootleg, but sometimes you can’t help but watch it because it’s older footage or something.

Also included on the DVD is an interview with vocalist Pauline Black. They talk about playing “On the Radio” and how the song still topical today. But fans of the Selecter should not pass up this opportunity to get this DVD because it’s quite enjoyable.

Exclusive Interview

1. The Selecter
2. Three Minute Hero
3. The Whisper
4. Everyday
5. Respect Yourself
6. Missing Words
7. Celebrate The Bullet
8. Train To Skaville
9. Street Feeling
10. Murder
11. James Bond
12. On My Radio
13. Too Much Pressure
14. Carry Go Bring Come
15. My Sweet Collie

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Three Minute Hero, Missing Words, On My Radio, Too Much Pressure, Carry Go Bring Come
Rating: NR
Running Time: 94 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: