The Shield: The Complete Third Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Michael Chiklis, Catherine Dent, Jay Karnes, Walt Goggins, Michael Jace, Kenny Johnson, CCH Pounder, Benito Martinez, Brian J White, Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Written By: A Bunch of people
Directed By:
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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The Shield, starring Michael Chiklis, known for its grittiness and being cutting edge, is a Cop drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire series. Intense action and drama, with many things taboo and risque’, even for fans of the series, like myself. Some of the topics seemed a little too uncomfortable and real for television. That is what The Shield is all about, pushing the envelope and taking those risks, at the same time putting out a great television series with excellent acting and writing.

Season 3 revolves around Det. Vic Mackey, his strike team and their police department, in one of the toughest parts of Los Angeles, Ca. Coming off the high of Season 2, with Vic and his strike team robbing the Armenian money train with detectives from his precinct hot on his trail. With bodies piling up, The strike team must do many things that are not legit, including the money train job. That applies to their work ethic as well. For them, that has always been the case. Whether it’s bribing rival gang members from starting a gang war, or having dealings with many of LA’s notorious underground groups, the strike team definitely doesn’t play by the book.

Other story lines surrounding this season involve, Capt. Aceveda and his upcoming city council appointment. Only a few months away, Aceveda decides to stick around “The Barn,” and try to help clean things up and bring down the high crime rates. Also, Aceveda catches on to the whole Armenian money train heist and the bodies that keep turning up. One of the most disturbing scenes in the series, occurs around the 5th episode, titled “Mum” Aceveda and a FBI agent go to this house to follow a lead with marked bills involving the money train and are held against their will by two men. They would then have Aceveda perform sexual deeds on them while at gunpoint. Disgusting and quite disturbing, this scene still gives me the chills. Aceveda eventually gets away but does not let anyone know the ordeal he went through. He would then go throughout the season, dealing with this personal agenda/vendetta. The whole time, you just want the guy to get even or just kill the bastards who did that to him. Det. Claudette Wyms has her own problems. Aceveda promised her the Captaincy since he was stepping down for the City Council, and now it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen. Aceveda has yet to leave, and at the same time, sticks around and institutes several changes Det. Wyms though of. Installing a Decoy squad to the department, would help “The Barn,” with convictions and lowering the crime rate around Farmington. Wyms, still at the end of the season gets the shaft and is faced with either sticking around or leaving. She decides to piss everyone off at “The Barn,” by digging deep into a past case to reverse a ruling on a convicted felon.

The Shield is one of my favorite television shows on today, and it’s because it’s filled with everything, action, drama, violence, sex, and “real dialogue.” The writing and acting are amazing, with very believable characters and stories. Michael Chiklis is a past winner for his role as Vic Mackey and he deserves it. He is the show. Of course, he is surrounded with a great supporting cast and they all work really well together. Filled with controversial story lines, The Shield still amazes me on how they can keep being edgy.

Audio Commentary on Selected Episodes
38 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
“Breaking Episode #315”
Making-Of Documentary

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround CC

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Favorite Scenes: Playing Tight, Streaks and Tips, Posse Up, Cracking Ice, What Power Is, On Tilt
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 700 minutes
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