The Toasters – Little Hidden Secrets

DVD Reviews | Mar 28th, 2005

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Starring The Toasters, some RudeBoys/Girls
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Studio: Stomp Records/ Megalith Records
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One of the longest running ska bands now has their own DVD out! This being their first DVD, I’m kind of disappointed with it.

The DVD features various concert footage, music videos, and interviews. The live concert clips take place in New York 1986, Kansas City 1993, Las Vegas 1998, Las Vegas 2003 and Kansas City 2004. Obviously, the older the footage, the more crappier it’s gonna look. It was interesting (and funny) at the same time to see the older footage. Seeing people in leg warmers and other 80’s gear jumping on stage dancing was pretty hysterical. I’m sure later in life, I’ll be laughing at what people wore from this era. The first time I saw the Toasters was in 1996 and I never really saw any footage of them before that. But each city and year, there is a few songs from each show. The Kansas City 2004 footage seemed like something out of Blues Brothers. A small club with no one there (it appears that way) and the band is just doing their thing. I hate when there is only like 15 people at shows, I just feel bad for the band playing. Many shows at Sea Seas in Moosic PA were like that. I liked the 80’s footage the best. Though a bit disappointing that there wasn’t a full concert on this DVD.

The music videos were fun to watch and I remember seeing quite a few of them on MTV at some point. There were a few I never saw at all, so that was cool. There are videos for Radiation Skank, 2 tone Army, I Wasn’t going to call you Anyway, I’m Running right through the World, Don’t Let the Bastards and Modern Day America. You guys have to come up with shorter song names haha. The Toasters always made their music videos with style and professionalism. The interviews were also cool. Some take place on MTV Brazil, or elsewhere. Some were informative, some were interesting, and others weren’t. You can tell Bucket gets sick of answering “Toaster” name questions. “No it’s not a kitchen appliance.”

I would have liked to see The Whiskey show on the DVD but you can’t fit everything on a DVD. I’m sure the Toasters will be releasing many more DVDS for fans, they have to buy this one first though. But I just think this DVD is one big extras section, and no main feature. But like I said before, I’m sure there is more DVDs on the way.

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Favorite Scenes: DLTBGYD, 2 Tone Army, Matt Davis, Pool Shark
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