U.K. Subs: Warhead: 25th Anniversary Live at Marquee

DVD Reviews | Dec 2nd, 2006

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Starring U.K Subs
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Directed By: Dave Meehan
Studio: MVD
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Like with the other old UK punk bands, I’m familiar with a few songs but don’t really know their whole discography. I was curious to see how UK Subs sounded in concert since I never got the chance to see them live before. The band is a lot older now but they still know how to rock out. I just have one question, is the drummer a girl or a guy because I can’t tell? No seriously, I can’t tell.

The U.K. Subs Warhead DVD was recorded at the Marquee in London, on October 24 2002. It would have been nice to see video from the bands earlier days but they still sound great! U.K. Subs play 23 songs in total on this DVD, plus there is an interview with the band as well. The first song they play in the set is “Living Dead.” I’m not too familiar with most of these songs but I do know “New York State Police” and “Tomorrow Girls,” which are probably their more notable songs. They play those songs here and probably the best songs in the set. During this show, they played the song “Lay Down and Die,” which was never played live until that night. There isn’t too much banter between the songs, and that’s okay because then the band plays more songs that way. Or maybe there was and it was just edited out? For being a bunch of old punk rockers, they certainly put on a good show.

The quality of the DVD is decent. Dave Meehan-directed films are always great and seem to have some good camera angles and positioning. I thought the band played the songs well, but they didn’t seem to be THAT energetic. Maybe it was just the singer who seemed to be standing still too much. Regardless, if the UK.. Subs is a band you like, then this is a no brainer to get!

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Favorite Scenes: Cyberjunk, Emotional Blackmail, Rockers, New york State Police, Tomorrow girls
Rating: NR
Running Time: 126 minutes
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