Viva La Bam- Complete 1st Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Bam Margera, April, Phil, Don Vito, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, Brandon Dicamillo, Rakeyohn
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Studio: Paramount, MTV Home Entertainment
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Viva La Bam, the popular MTV show spawned from the creators of Jackass, is now to own on DVD for the first time including the entire first season, and added bonus features. Bam Margera, professional skateboarder and former Jackass member, now has his own show and it’s hilarious! Featuring Bam’s parents, Bam is out to make their lives miserably and to have fun at the same time.

Viva La Bam is one of the best shows on MTV. Each episode is so funny and could be cringe-worthy to boot. You almost feel bad about what Bam puts his parents through but sometimes they are instigators. Don’t forget about Bam’s uncle Don Vito, the very large man who you sometimes need subtitles to understand his turkey gobbling tirades. One episode features the infamous “Don’t Feed Phil” day where Bam spreads the word across Pennslyvania that his father Phil cannot eat for 24 hours straight. Everywhere Phil goes there are the signs not feed him. He has to be babysat by Bam’s crew, which usually entails most of the time trying to torture him by eating food in front of him. Then to drive his parents more crazy, sends them away for the weekend to Atlantic City and decides to turn the house into an entire skate park. He then invites the top ten skaters from around the world to join in the competition including Tony Hawk. Phil and April’s faces are priceless, well mostly April, as they walk in their yard and find a gigantic skate park and indoors as well. Watching professional skaters thrash about in their dining room and living room. Some of my other favorite episodes include “Viva Las Vegas,” “Scavenger Hunt,” “Very Merry Margera Christmas.” Viva Las Vegas was funny because Bam made Raab Himself marry a Russian mail order. Not sure how that is turning out, but would like to see. At the same time as the eloping of Raab and the Russian, Phil and April renew their wedding vows. Pretty damn funny to see Phil in an Elvis suit as he gets married. “Scavenger Hunt” is an awesome episode. Bam creates a list of crazy and sick stunts to do on film and the winner gets to destroy or do whatever they feel like with April’s grand piano. Bam’s crew joins in alongside The Bloodhound gang and some of the shit they do in the episode makes you want to vomit. Another enjoyable episode was the Very Margera Christmas, which had Bam and co. installing tiles that you can ice skate on and pulling a Clark Griswold by lighting up the house and shutting down power to Westchester, PA. Snowball fights, family arguments and trying to burn down the house. It’s what the holidays are really about.

Taking a look at the extras, their is an entire second disk devoted to just that. With over an hour of deleted scenes, mostly featuring deleted and extended scenes from the scavenger hunt episode, and some new footage like the Vegas hypnotist and random moments throughout the season. Also, you can check out 4 music videos featuring CKY, Clutch, DiCamillo sisters, and Turbonegro. Other features are Q&A**holes, Scavenger Hunt list, photo gallery and episode commentary featuring everyone from the show.

Overall, Viva La Bam is friggin outrageous and funny as hell. It’s entertaining to watch Phil, April and Don Vito get tortured every show and Bam’s crew do an excellent job with the tyranny as well. Season 2 was just as good and Season 3 is about to start soon on MTV so buy the first season and get caught up on the show.





Favorite Scenes: Scavenger Hunt, A Very Margera Christmas, Viva Las Vegas
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