Viva La Bam- Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons

DVD Reviews | Apr 13th, 2005

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Starring Bam Margera, Phil Margera , April Margera, Don Vito, Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn, Raab Himself, Tim Glomb, Brandon Dicamillo
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Studio: Paramount
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Bam Margera, his wacky friends, and his abnormal family are back with 2 more seasons on a 3 disc DVD set! If you thought the first season was good, wait til you see these seasons!

The 2nd season of Viva La Bam starts off with Bam finding a new house. His family got kicked out of their old house for violating many laws. They find a cool looking old castle house with buttloads of land and with lots of rooms. So the Margera household now has the CKY crew with them as well. I think I’d move out the first day if I was Bam’s parents because I can’t see how they can live with those guys. The 2nd season is pretty much devoted to tormenting Don Vito, Bam’s looney Uncle, and murdering his cars each episode. Whatever Bam has up his sleeve, it usually involves ruining Don Vito’s piece of shit cars. Some of the episodes from the second season include Bam going down to Mardi Gras with the family and crew, plus with Tony Hawk and other skaters. Then there’s an episode about celebrating Arbor Day by making a tree fort, and putting a casino in there. Demo Derby was a lot of fun and I wish I had a lot money to spend on shitty cars and smash them up with friends.

The third season has a hodge podge of different type of episodes. By this season more and more celebs are making cameos on the show like Bam’s old pal Johnny Knoxville, Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl, Tommy Lee, and Senn Penn. Yes the almost always humorless Sean Penn; who happens to encourage his son to wreck Johnny Knoxville’s car. Way to go Daddy! But some of the episodes in the third season consist of Bam making his driveway into a skate park, having a Civil War reenactment in his backyard, going on a pirate ship cruise, and wrecking havoc to the Mall of America. Plus he’s still tormenting his Uncle Don Vito.

Viva La Bam is so entertaining that I had to watch all the episodes in one weekend. Actually it was on my Florida vacation. I watched some of the episodes on the airplane, some in the car and finished the DVD set up when I got back home. Gotta love portable DVD players! The episodes are short enough that you can just breeze by with them. Plus they are fun to watch and you just want to watch more and more craziness. After while though, Bam and everyone else starts to get annoying so it’s probably best to just watch the show in doses. What’s great about the DVD is it’s all uncensored, so half the dialogue is un-bleeped and you can make out what everyone is saying. Not sure what season I like better but the 2nd and 3rd both had its fair share of classic episodes. I do think that some of the newer episodes seem more fake than usual. It just seems it. I honestly can’t imagine him getting away with what he does. Like making a cement vert ramp in some Ace Hardware store parking lot. Unless Ace got a plug in there so they didn’t press charges. If normal people tried doing the stuff he does, they would be in jail 95 percent of the time. Another good thing about this show is there isn’t any continuing storylines so if you miss an episode, you can still follow the show. But since this a DVD you won’t have to miss any episodes.

Bam certainly knows how to include some extras on his DVD. There’s a bunch of deleted scenes and they are pretty extensive. There’s misc. clips from the episodes, most of the deleted scenes were okay, some worth watching. There’s random ass moments broken down into three sections. Highlights, bloopers and gags are among that section, as well as skating montages. Rouding out the extras was music videos and making of those videos, trailers for other shows and few other minor things. The bonus features are so vast there’s another disc just for them.

Any Bam/CKY/Jackass fan should get this DVD because the series is funny as hell. Bam and those guys are fucking crazy! What’s even better about this show on DVD? the episodes are uncensored and with plenty of extras!

Deleted Scenes
Random-A** Moments
Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Making The Him Video
Music Videos
Photo Gallery

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Castle Bam, Mardi Gras, Demo Derby, Fort Knoxville, Mall of Bam
Rating: NR
Running Time: 340 minutes
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Overall Rating: