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Starring Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Sigourney Weaver, Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin
Written By: Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon
Directed By: Andrew Stanton
Studio: Disney/ Buena Vista
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In my opinion, Wall-E is perhaps one of the greatest animated movies of all-time. It’s got a wonderful story, the animated is flawless, the voice-over work and sound effects were just perfect. Just everything about Wall-E is perfect!

The film is about a lovable and lonely robot named Wall-E (Ben Burtt), who’s a trash compactor robot. His job is to gather up all the junk found on Earth and make huge skyscraper stacks of it. The Earth was abandoned hundreds of years ago and Wall-E is the only thing left there. All the other Wall-E units aren’t functioning anymore and the only thing the robot interacts with is a cockroach. Wall-E collects human objects like a Rubix cube, a bra and other things he finds interesting and keeps them in his home. One day, a spaceship shows up and out comes a shiny, sleek probe robot named EVE (Elissa Knight). Wall-E immediately falls for EVE, and begins following her around in hopes of impressing the robot. EVEns mission is to find plant life on Earth and bring it back to the Axiom spaceship. Wall-E gives her the plant as a gift, and EVEns spaceship returns to pick her up. Wall-E follows her on the spaceship and tries to find out what’s going on. On the ship, Human beings are fat, lazy people that don’t even walk. Computers do everything for them. The plant plays an important part of the movie as that’s the key to going back home. Some robots don’t want to go back to Earth though. The Captain of the ship gets help from EVE and Wall-E, and they all try to uncover the conspiracy and bring the tubby humans back to Earth.

When I originally saw Wall-E in the theaters, I was completely blown away by the movie. I just love this character and everything about Wall-E. I think this is by far one of the best Pixar movies. I’m not sure all kids will enjoy this, but as an adult; Wall-E was incredible. Pixar continues to raise the bar when it comes to CG animation, and I think I’m watching a live-action movie. Of course the humans looked very cartoony, but everything else looked realistic to me. Speaking of humans, this is the first time Pixar has mixed live action in with their animation. Some of the video transmissions from the humans were live-action, but it was mostly just Fred Willard in live-action.

I thought the story of Wall-E was very interesting. Who would have thought a robotic trash compactor would be so much fun to watch. I like the message the creators of the movie were trying to relay to us. We’re going to be a bunch of fat; lazy idiots who have computers do everything for us. Besides that part, I liked the romantic comedy side of things. It was cute how Wall-E was taking EVE around when she shut down. Wall-E is an excellent date movie by the way!

I think it was wonderful to cast sound editor/designer Ben Burtt for the voice of Wall-E. Hens done so much for Lucasfilm and movies in general. The guy’s a genius! He made this voice so cute that every time I hear it, it makes me smile like a 5 year old with a piece of candy. You can tell he did a lot of the sounds on the movie because there is so much depth to the sounds. For a movie with barely any dialogue in the first half hour, that’s really important. The audience could be completely out of it by then so Ben Burtt and composer Thomas Newman did a superb job with that hard task. They definitely drew me in as a viewer.

Wall-E 3 disc special edition has some decent enough extras spread out on the discs. Disc 1 has a new animated short, featuring BURN-E, which you saw quickly in the original movie. Some of the original movie is put into this short, but you see things through BURN-Ens point of view. It was cute but it’s no Presto, which was the original short that played before the movie in theaters. That was probably the funniest animated short Pixar has done. It reminded me of a mixture of Looney Tunes and old Disney animated shorts. Other extras include a great Pixar documentary, deleted scenes, sound design featurette, audio commentary, games, more featurettes and more! The third disc is a digital copy of the movie, which is cool and more and more studios are doing this. Except I don’t think it should be promoted as a third disc because it’s not really a bonus feature. The Ben Burtt stuff was really interesting to watch, because I’ve been wondering how he did Wall-Ens sound since I saw the movie. Other than the Pixar documentary and the making of extras, I wasn’t that impressed with the selection of bonus features.

If there is one movie that Wall-E reminds me of, it’s E.T. But it’s pretty much a kid animated romantic comedy that should be getting a lot of notice come Oscar time. I thought Wall-E was the best film of the year, as well as The Dark Knight so you can tell how much I love this movie. While I didn’t like Finding Nemo, I think Andrew Stanton hit this one out of the ballpark. Get this movie on DVD or on Blu-Ray now, you’ll thank me later!

Disc 1:
– “BURN-E”
Hilarious All-New Animated Short
Bringing Light To The Galaxy… Eventual-E
– “Presto”
Amazing Animated Theatrical Short Film
– Deleted Scenes
– Sneak Peek: WALL-E’s Tour Of The Universe
WALL-E Takes You On A Real Ride Through Space
– Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds From The Sound Up
Legendary Sound Designer Ben Burtt Shares Secret Of Creating The Sounds Of WALL-E
– Audio Commentary With Director Andrew Stanton

Disc 2:
– “The Pixar Story” By Leslie Iwerks
An Award-Winning Filmmaker Tells The Riveting Story Of The Innovative Company That Revolutionized Hollywood
– Additional Deleted Scenes
– WALL-E’s Treasures And Trinkets: Hilarious Moments
– BnL Shorts: An Amusing Peek Into The Inner Workings Of The Buy n Large Corporation
– “Lots Of Bots” Storybook: This Imaginative Storybook Comes To Life Loaded With Fun Games
– “Making Of” Featurette
– And More!

Disc 3:
– Disney File Digital Copy
Watch Your DVD In The Living Room And Your DisneyFile Digital Copy On The Go!

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Widescreen 2.39:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Wall-E finding different objects, Wall-E and EVE scenes, and I loved the scenes with the misfit robots.
Rating: G
Running Time: 98 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: