Walt Disney Legacy Collection: True-Life Adventures Volume 1-4

DVD Reviews | Dec 24th, 2006

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Starring Lots of furry animals
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Studio: Disney/Buena Vista
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Do you remember all those nature videos that Disney used to show on TV and in movie theaters? Well that’s what this DVD collection is, and it’s a must-have for nature & animal lovers! There are 4 volumes full of different stories surrounding the wilderness, the cold climate areas, the sea, the desert and other locations around the world! The nature videos have been fully restored and are packed with extra special features as well!

Volume 1 of the True-Life Adventures is “Wonders of the World.” This collection features “White Wilderness,” “Water birds,” “Beaver Valley” and “Prowlers of the Everglades.” On the second disc, you can watch “Mysteries of the Deep,” and “Wonders of the Water Worlds.” Plus there are various special features like Roy Disney at the Animal Kingdom talking about birds, tributes and other goodies. “The White Wilderness” and “Beaver Valley” were some interesting stories. Those gosh darn Beavers are so cute! Volume 2 is “Lands of Exploration” and features documentaries “The Living Desert,” “The Vanishing Prairie,” and “Seal Island.” On the second disc there is “Islands of the Sea,” Nature’s Strangest Creatures,” and “Prairie.” This collection has 2 featurettes with Roy Disney at the Animal Kingdom. He talks about snakes and desert insects with a few of the experts, handlers and researchers of the theme park. Volume 3, “Creatures of the Wild” is probably my favorite! That has the following: “The African Lion,” “Jungle Cat,” and my favorite out of all the True-Life Adventures, “Bear Country.” Besides bears, you also see other wilderness animals living in “Bear Country.” Any of the documentaries focusing on Africa or the Wilderness, really intrigues me for some reason. Rounding out the last volume is “Nature’s Mysteries.” That volume contains “Secrets of Life,” “Perri” and then on the second disc is “Nature’s Half Acre,” “Searching for Nature’s Mysteries,” “Adventure in Wildwood Heart” and more! Definitely lots of nature videos to watch with these 4 volumes!

I remember I used to watch these documentaries all the time when I was a kid. I think they were played a lot on the Wonderful World of Disney, which was on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays. But the reason why I remember these so much is because I used to nap to them all the time! I know that’s not the most complimentary thing to say but that’s what I remember most from these stories. Just hearing the narrator’s monotone voice and the playful score to the videos made me sleepy. I still think they are fun to watch and very informative. I know I leanred a lot from watching these and other nature videos growing up. But I was actually looking forward to watching these on a boring Saturday afternoon and passing out, just like the old days. Ok, So I take naps every weekend, so what. Anyway, I think these nature documentaries are so well done, especially for their time, and definitely groundbreaking. I can’t believe how the filmmakers captures all these things on film. The writing for the narration is great too because they make the videos into little stories. “Here’s a fluffy bunny out for his daily walk. Well uh-oh, here comes mister bad bald eagle for lunch..” I think the music for these is excellent because it makes them interesting and not boring. Many of these videos, movies, whatever you want to call them are Oscar-winning documentaries. So you’re definitely getting something interesting to watch if you like nature videos. If you are looking for some cutesy, cartoony typical Walt Disney cartoon, this isn’t that. This is real footage, and sometimes shows the “true” nature of the wildlife. So if you remember these “True-life Adventures” or love nature videos, the Walt Disney Legacy Collections is something to purchase.

Volume 1:
Mysteries of the Deep
Wonders of the Water Worlds
The Crisler Story
Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Birds
Tribute to James Algar
Filmmakers’ Journal
Collector’s Corner
Original Theatrical Trailer

Volume 2:
Islands of the Sea
Nature’s Strangest Creatures
Behind the True-Life Cameras
Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Desert Insects
Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Snakes
Filmmaker’s Journal
Collector’s Corner
Trailers & Promos

Volume 3:
Cameras in Africa
The Yellowstone Story
Tribute to the Milottes
Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney’s Animals Kingdom: Elephants
Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney’s Animals Kingdom: Cheetah Medical Exam
Filmmakers’ Journal
Collector’s Corner
Trailers & Promo

Volume 4:
Nature’s Half Acre
Searching for Nature’s Mysteries
Adventure in Wildwood Heart
Back Stage with Roy Disney at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Butterflies
Tribute to Winston Hibler
Filmmakers’ Journal
Collector’s Corner
Original Theatrical Trailers

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Bear Country, African Lion, Living Desert, Beaver Valley, White Wilderness
Rating: NR
Running Time: 713 minutes
Extras Rating:
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